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August 6, 2006

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Six Step Plan To Becoming An Industry Name Brand

By Greg Arnold

As network marketers we often feel that it is somehow wrong to toot our own horn.  Something interesting is that even though we often feel it is wrong to promote ourselves we feel it’s ok to put down other marketers or business opportunities.  This is exactly opposite from what it needs to be for you to shine and become as successful as you want to be. 

Ford Motor Company, Campbell’s Soup, Intel and every new movie that comes out, all promote themselves….YOU are a business, if you don’t promote yourself – who will.  Also, particularly in this industry, if you don’t position yourself through self-promotion, your competition will and that usually isn’t a pretty sight! 

The list: 

1. Get your name in a domain name;

·        Get the .com  not .net or any other dots.  People often type in .com even when it says something else like .net.

·        This sets you apart from other network marketers on the Internet.  Differentiating yourself from everyone else is KEY!

·        Makes it easier to find you.

·        Promotes YOU!

·        Promotes your opportunity. 

2. Build a website about you, your opportunity, and about the industry and what is happening in it.  Make your website a huge source of valuable information whether the person visiting is wanting to join you or not.  Example:   This is what keeps them coming back.  It is what gets them to join YOU over time.  As unusual as it seems, people leave their current MLM deal and join new ones, why not have them join you because you brought value to their life even when you weren’t their sponsor.

·        Bonus:  The more valuable information you provide on your website the more Google will notice you.

·        We are in the business of selling value! 

3.  Get your site listed and Ranked on Google!  This is easier if it has LOTS of valuable content.

·        Your pages should run in themes.

·        In the “head” in the HTML the “title” and “description” and “keywords” should all run in the same theme.  Actual Example from my website:


<title>Greg Arnold, Isagenix Fast Weight Loss System, Distributor Training, Online Automated System, Opportunity, Weightloss Products, Leaders, Success Training</title>

<meta name="description" content="Experience the Isagenix Fast Weight Loss System, Join with Greg Arnold in this Isagenix Distributor Opportunity, Get Leaders Success Training, Online Internet Automated System!">

<meta name="keywords" content="greg arnold, Isagenix, weight loss, weightloss">


·        The Headline on the page its self should run in the same theme as the title in the “head” of the HTML.

·        The first paragraph on your page should also run in the same theme as the title, description and headline.

·        Set up every page as if it is an index page.

·        For a very complete how to package with a full recorded live class, how to manual and easy to use website builder, I created “Cracking The Cash Cow Code” which is available in the audios section at  for only $299!  (See 67% off offer below) This powerful series may be the best investment you could ever make in your career if you hope to make money on the Internet. 

4.  Learn to write articles and write a bunch of them.

·        Submit your articles all over the Internet.

·        There are many MLM and entrepreneur sites on the Internet that are looking for articles.  Do a Google search.

·        This gets your name out there and helps to establish you as an expert.

·        All these sites will let you put an about you paragraph at the bottom of your article with contact information and a link to your website.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! It is one of the most powerful concepts you will ever use.

·        Publish all your own articles on your own website too.  Remember content and value.  Example: 

5.  Write a book!

·        This is easier than you think.  Simply compile 30-50 articles that you write over time and you have it.

·        Or say your book into a mini-recorder and have it transcribed.  It’s so inexpensive to do.  You can even write articles this way.  Send the mini-tapes to a transcriber and for a few dollars they will send it back to you in an email ready to copy and paste.

·        The book becomes a very powerful business card for you.  Give lots of them away.

·        The book will establish you as an expert in the minds of those you prospect like no other tool anywhere.  People buy you first before they join your deal….give them a reason to buy.

·        Self publish.  You can do this for about $1.25 per 110 page paperback book in runs of 3000.  Search Google for book printers.

·        Become a best seller.  This is also easier than you think.  List your book with as an advantage seller.  Make deals with several people who have lists like the Street Smart Live Newsletter (subscription list 160,000) and let each list give away something for free.  This is a win-win for all because your offer along with all the list’s offers go out to a million or two million people all at once.  The book buyer goes to Amazon and buys your book for 17.95 (or whatever) and sends you the receipt and you send them to the bonus page where they can collect $4000 worth of free bonuses offered by the various lists.  You sell about 2300 books in a week and you make the bestseller list.  You forever become a best selling author! 

6.  Attend as many generic MLM events as possible.  Network with people.  Network Network Network, MLM is a career, not a company.  MLM distributors who are currently in the wrong colored jerseys (I’m an old football coach) are NOT the enemy.  DO ATTEND THE MLM CRUISE! (Again, website.)  This is the most powerful tool in the industry.  You get to network with very powerful networkers for a whole week 24/7 in a very relaxed environment.  Almost every valuable contact I have, I met or met through someone from this cruise in the last dozen years I have gone on it.  I ain’t a bad vacation either! 

Name brand distributors have a much much easier time sponsoring new distributors.  As I said MLM is a career, not a company.  It’s in your blood, you can’t escape….You might just as well spend the next 5 years following this plan to build greatness while you are also building your business. 

Greg Arnold is the author of “The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur’s Court.”  He built an organization of over 11,000 distributors and $30,000 per month income in less than a year.  Greg and his partner Robert Butwin have teamed up to bring you the Street Smart Live MLM Newsletter with over 160,000 subscribers.  In addition to his networking activities, Greg is serving on the board of the MLMIA and has served as a consultant with top network marketing companies and leading network marketers. He is also a world class speaker and trainer.  Greg can be contacted at

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By Greg Arnold

Dear Friend,

Most Network Marketers make the huge mistake of believing they are in the Network Marketing business, just like the mistake the Railroads of the 1880's made by thinking they were in the railroad business.  Problem is the railroads lost billions by not seeing the transportation business that was right in their face.  AND, Network Marketers lose big by not acting like the entrepreneurs they really are!

Most network marketers think, for some mysterious reason, that they shouldn't promote themselves as if money were going to drop out of the sky, rewarding their humility.  Well, My Friend, MOST Network Marketers ARE BROKE!  YOU are a business, the sooner YOU start acting like one, the sooner YOU can start enjoying all the good stuff that life has to offer!

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There are hundreds more that I am in the top 5 with.  Remember, these are NOT paid listings.  These are FREE listings based on my mastery of google.  YOU can do this too!

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