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July 16, 2006

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How Not To Be Like My Cat
By Pattie Arnold

beacon rock

My cat Tac, has to be the most interesting study in human behavior that I have had in a while. 

We just moved and after a week he still is totally rocked.  He was never one to like change anyway, when he was just a kitten, we brought home a new dog and it took him about 2 weeks to even be in the same room with the new beast.  Then the new kitten arrived, and he never accepted him.  His personality changed completely.  He went from a loving cuddly cat to a vicious snarlly, hissing ball of standing on end fur.  After Wilson's untimely run in with the car, Tac, became the loving cuddly fur ball that I loved. 

Then when we found Abby the perfect home, complete with retired owners who hiked and boated, Tac became the playful kitten that he was before Abby arrived.  Now, since his long ride in the airplane (about 11 hours in the dreaded carrier), he has become a very vocal complainer.  I never realized that cats could still howl when they were tranqed up, Tac taught me that.  So, anyway, he's very vocal now.  He's also an outdoor cat.  He'd much prefer to be outside than in.  That is when it's warm, sunny, and slightly breezy outside.  St Thomas fits his criteria quite well, but it's all too new.

Since we have arrived, he has longingly looked out the windows and complained that he is not out there.  So, being the good person that I am to him, I open the door to let him out.  No such thing, it's way too different!  Did you know that St Thomas smells different than Carson, WA?  I was out on the deck one morning, with him and Katy (the black lab mix that we've had for almost 10 years and the one that raised Tac) when he jumps from the deck to the ground below.  The jump is about 12 feet, and when I realize that he is missing, I figured that i would find him lying at the bottom of the deck with a broken leg or something.  Nope!  I search all over the place for him.  Calling his name, and looking.  Finally, I hear him returning my call.  He's wedged himself under a rock trying to get away from the dog next door that is safely behind a fence.  He was scared so badly that he couldn't move.  I had to climb the hillside, stick my hand into the cubbyhole that he was in and pull him to safety.  Since he has been slowly going outdoors, but he is still very unsure, even when I'm with him.  He allows his fears to get in the way of his enjoyment of life.

St Thomas, Pattie's new home!

All that reminds me of how change can affect some of us.  Before my move, some of my friends asked if I was scared of moving?  It would be so different, wasn't that uncomfortable?  Well of course the answer was yes.  Yes it was kind of scary moving; yes it was kind of uncomfortable.  However, if we stay where we are because we are afraid, and we don't move because we're not going to be comfortable, then what do we have?

Here in St Thomas, we have a beautiful sunny, warm day with a cooling breeze that we can't enjoy!  I never want to be one of those people that sit inside looking longingly outside but too scared to take the first step.  Taking that step even when you're scared can bring you some of the greatest joys!  As my husband Greg would say "All greatness is achieved while performing outside your comfort zone."

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