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May 7, 2006

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The "Killer" Order Form
Ted Nicholas

The primary goal of any offer online or offline is, of course, to get an order.  Therefore, the order form should be the very strongest element of any customer offer.  That's why it's always seemed so amazing to me that the worst examples of direct marketing are, in my opinion, order forms.

Order forms generally are dull, boring, ugly and unpersuasive.  Today I'm actually going to show you, dear reader, an alternative--how to make yours exciting, beautiful and compelling. And even better still--far more responsive!

First Step

Prepare order form first!  Sequence of when you prepare the different elements of your offer, especially the order form, is very important. Reasons? 

1. Keeps offer fresh and exciting. You have not yet run out of emotional gas. If you prepare the sales letter first, as do most, you may have little passion and enthusiasm for the all-important order form afterwards. You can't hide your feelings. They will show.

2. Clarity. You will be almost forced into a rare but oh so desirable result for marketers. Instead of confusing the customer, present a clear offer.  Tip: As you create, what I recommend and use myself is this frame of mind. Assume your prospect will read your order form first and not read the sales letter at all. Therefore, your order form must be capable of doing the complete sales job by itself.

3. Never use the words "order" or "form" as does nearly everyone else. These words are negative and reduce orders. "Order" suggests spending money, which absolutely no one wants to do.   "Form" is something no one wants to fill out.  Do you? Tip: Always use a positive headline for the order form. A few successful ones I use are:

● Free Trial Request

● Free Examination Certificate

● Savings Certificate

● Membership Application

● Privilege Invitation

● Send No Money--Offer Expires in 7 Days

● Free Audition Certificate

● Free Preview Issue

● Official Entry and Enrollment Certificate

● Request for Free Information

Tip: Start off the copy with the word "Yes"!  It's the most underused but powerful word in all languages.

4. Restate the main benefit of the product. Often it's effective to include two to three benefits of the product. Always restate the benefits, not in your voice, but in the voice of the person responding.  Tip: Include a statement of acceptance of the offer, including the guarantee, in the voice of the buyer.

5. Restate the features of the product. A full description including the colors, dimensions, weight and material used in making the product are important in helping build credibility.

6. Include a professional photo of the product, ideally in full color.

7. Include a photo of a person--perhaps yourself, the inventor or celebrity--that, of course, fits the offer. This individual should have a warm smile, wear appropriate business attire and be making eye contact with the reader.

8. Dramatize any gifts or free bonuses you may include within the offer. Photos, strong titles and descriptions really improve response. 9. Restate a powerful money-back guarantee.

The longer and more prominent, the better. For example, 30 days will pull better than 10 days; 60 days pull better than 30; 90 better than 60; 180 days better than 90. One year pulls better than 180 days. A lifetime guarantee is the most powerful of any time period. Always include the signature and title of the most senior person at the company at the end of the guarantee.

10. Make it stand out, not blend in! Use a different paper and ink colors for the order form than the rest of the mailing or e-mail offer.

11. Use a fancy border resembling a stock certificate, which adds the feeling of perceived value of the offer.

12. Print on one side only for an offline offer.  Leave the back blank. All my tests show the response is higher.

13. For offline offers, add the words "Please Print".

14. Add a second order form offline. I've never seen an instance wherein sales didn't increase by at least 10% to 20% due to pass-along readership.  Tip: No matter how high a response you get online, your offline response percentage is usually about 400% more. Clearly, many people respond at a higher rate because they retain offers received in the mail for a longer period.

15. Multiple order options. Since buyers of course vary in their favorite order methods, include toll free phone, fax, e-mail and mail.  Tip: Don't forget to include all your company's contact information. You'd be surprised how often even the largest marketers make this basic error.

16. Test a variety of font color options for headlines and sub-headlines (red, blue, purple, etc.), but keep the main body of the copy in black. Black on white is easier to read than any other combination except black on yellow.

17. Include a deadline. Build a sense of urgency to build response. Print a specific date when the offer and price expire. Or print the words "Please respond within 10 days."  Be diligent in preparing your order form using these little-known secrets.  Instead of "ugly duckling" order forms, the result will be a beautiful response mechanism with a far higher response level.  As always, here is to your increased success margin.

Ted Nicholas, legendary direct marketer, entrepreneur and best-selling author, has joined us under a special arrangement as our Featured Contributing Columnist. A brief background.  Ted has personally marketed over 4 Billion Dollars worth of products and services through space ads, sales letters, T.V., radio, the Internet and from the platform. He founded and sold 23 companies of his own including Enterprise Publishing and The Company Corporation, the largest registered agent company in the world.  He has also written 15 best-selling books, including "Magic Words That Bring You Riches" and "How to Turn Words Into Money."  He consults with clients on 5 continents including MLM organizations, and helps them grow. Ted also conducts unique marketing seminars around the world at $7,500 and up per attendee.  We will be publishing articles by Ted regularly as part of the value of our free service to you. Visit Ted's website here:

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