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January 1, 2006

Chief Editor: Greg Arnold
Featured Contributing Columnist: Ted Nicholas
Contributing Editors: Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Robert Butwin, Jeffery Combs,
Jerry "DRhino" Clark, Todd Falcone, Artemis Limpert, Ellie Drake, Dr Stan Harris & Jeff Babener

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Why the MLM Cruise is the most powerful tool in the industry!

Now is the time to reserve your balcony cabin for two!

Happy New year Everyone!  The Seminar at Sea is one of the very best tools in the MLM industry...because; Over the years this cruise has become the root of most of my annual income.  Virtually every contact I have outside my own company has either come from this cruise or been introduced to me by someone I met on this cruise.

I won't tell you how much money I will make in 2006 as the result of networking with these super contacts, but I will tell you it will be in the six figures.   They say that your income will generally be somewhere near that of the people you hang out with.  I can tell you from experience that this is true.  Probably because if you hang out with people like Big Al, Robert Butwin, Ken Seto, and Art Jonak  long enough, it will so raise your expectations, you won't be able to help but raise your income level too! 

Between networking with the best of the best and attending the onboard seminars, you just can't beat it.  The life long friends and contacts you will make on this cruise can help make you a fortune.  Why are the best of the best attracted to this cruise year after year?  Because they know!  November 12th through the 19th - "Big Al" MLM Training Cruise -This year’s 7 day cruise leaves from San Juan, Puerto Rico to St. Thomas, to Dominica, to Barbatos, to Aruba and back to San Juan!  Book Early because this cruise sells out EVERY YEAR!

Why should you reserve it now?

Every year this cruise is sold out!  Almost 100 people each year don't get to go because there simply isn't anymore cabins available.  The suites always go first, then the balcony cabins and soon after that...they're all gone.  Don't be one of those who put it off and put it off and then don't get to go.  $250 reserves your cabin and a few monthly payments after're on your way for a trip of a lifetime!

Besides, you deserve the break . . . and it's your chance to go cruising and acquire thousands of dollars in free network marketing consulting!

Why a luxury Caribbean cruise? Because we all deserve a break from the telephone, the stress, and the cold winter weather. And, we get to enjoy ourselves by cruising with fellow network marketers.  It's nice to vacation with positive, goal-driven, fun people.

Join network marketers from dozens of different companies and from many different countries. Rub shoulders with the MLM industries top money earners.  It's a great place to meet new people, get new sponsoring ideas, and get thousands of dollars worth of free consulting at the dinner table.

Look who you could get to rub shoulders with this year!

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Art Jonak , Doug Firebaugh, Robert Butwin, Greg Arnold,  Todd Falcone, Rod Cook> Ken Seto, Richard Brooke, Ty Hoffer, Pat & Tracy Monteforte, Brian Bumpas, Nikita Gromyko, Orjan Saele, Shannon Denniston, James Blakemore, Keith Schreiter  and many others!

Sure there will be seminars and workshops, but we'll be having plenty of fun too!

Carnival Destiny
November 12-19th, 2006

This year’s 7 day cruise leaves from San Juan, Puerto Rico to St. Thomas, to Dominica, to Barbatos, to Aruba and back to San Juan!

Seminar at sea times to be announced.  All training will be done during a day at sea so you will never miss any of the exciting ports of call!

But that's not the whole picture:

Imagine having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with network marketing experts. You could literally receive thousands of dollars in free consulting during your eating and leisure time! Imagine sitting next to Ken Seto or Robert Butwin for lunch or dinner.  Maybe you would enjoy taking a morning walk with Tom "Big Al" Schreiter while you ask Big Al a few questions.   How about spending an evening with Industry expert Rod "The MLM Watchdog" Cook or go riding wave runners with half million dollar annual earner Shannon Denniston (find out how he started earning hundreds of thousands of dollars over the Internet before his 25th birthday)! 

Questions that you have to ask yourself:

  • How did Ken Seto increase his income by over $20,000 per month in the last year? 

  • How does Greg Arnold get 3-5 new distributors per week to call him and ask if they can join on his front line? (Hint: He calls it the "Cowards Guide To Prospecting"). 

  • How does Todd Falcone sponsor so many sales professionals each week? 

  • How did Shannon Denniston build an internet money machine that keeps on paying and paying and paying? 

  • How does Rod Cook continue to know everything that's happening in such a huge industry? 

  • Why does Tom Schreiter so freely give everyone on the cruise that asks all his secrets to becoming a MLM millionaire? 

  • What three secrets does Robert Butwin share on the cruise that can make you wealthy? 

Maybe these aren't questions that you should ask yourself.  Maybe you should come on this year's cruise and ask them!

Imagine being able to attend information-packed seminars absolutely free. Imagine having dinner with these experts, socializing with these experts, and well . . . you could be getting thousands of dollars of consulting in the most relaxed atmosphere imaginable. There will be a host of people on board who can share important business-building methods . . . methods your downline needs now  . . . methods your downline needs for you to bring back home.   We know, it's tough spending a week in the lap of luxury, being treated as royalty for the sake of your team, but as their leader we know you are willing to make the sacrifice!

We don't want you to miss this special week.

Old San Juan is rich in Spanish tradition, with cobblestone streets and colonial architecture. This part of San Juan is easily seen on foot. Tourists will want to shop for handcrafted works or relax in a shaded park. Excursions to the centuries-old El Morro fortress are also offered. New San Juan is distinctly elegant with lavish resorts, great restaurants and grand casinos. Adventurous travelers will want to partake in a deep-sea fishing, snorkeling or diving excursion.

St Thomas is a beautiful tropical island that offers pristine beaches lapped by turquoise waters. The picturesque harbor town of Charlotte Amalie is known for its great duty-free shopping. The most popular shore excursions include island tours, a day at the beach at Magen's Bay, scuba diving and snorkeling expeditions, and explorations of the undersea world aboard an Atlantis submarine.  For a day of Rum Punch and speed, try The Wild Thing!

Dominica, "The Nature Island" takes pride in its lush rain forests, the vast Morne Trois Pitons National Park, rare birds and the only remaining Carib Indian Tribe. The focus in this unspoiled land is on ecotourism, and excursions take tourists on walking tours of the renovated Chabrits fortress or on hikes through the rain forest in search of rare parrots. Jeeps are available for rent for those who want to make the scenic drive from Portsmouth to Roseau.

With its natural caverns and flower forests,
Barbados lends itself well to roamers. City tours of bustling Bridgetown are popular, as are island tours that show off the estates and plantation homes of the countryside. Other options include a rum party cruise or submarine ride.

Aruba is an island of contrasting terrain, from its white-sand shoreline to its cactus-dotted interior. The charming Dutch island is known for its superior snorkeling and duty-free shopping. Diving excursions include the wreck of a World War II German freighter. If you want to stay dry, try out the new sport of sand surfing.

The most important activity for you to do is to reserve your cabin now. All cabins are on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if you miss out on our specially reserved block of discounted cabins, you might still be able to go, but at a much higher price. Or, you might not get a cabin at all!

When it debuted, the Carnival Destiny was the first ship to top 100,000 tons. An outdoor entertainment area spans four decks, with multiple pools, Jacuzzis and two swim-up bars. Kids will love the 214-foot waterslide. Enjoy drinks while listening to live music in the Rotunda, an atrium that soars nine decks up to a glass dome. The casual Sun & Sea restaurant, where you'll find everything from made-to-order omelets to a 24-hour pizzeria, complements two traditional dining rooms. Sixty percent of this megaliner's outside cabins have balconies.

Rates include cruise, all meals, seminars & entertainment. Air is additional.

PLEASE arrange air early. If you think there will be 10 people coming from an area, let me know and I will work on a group air rate.

BOOK NOW! A deposit of $250 per person, will hold your space - balance due Aug 1st.  Cabin prices range from around $599 per person for an inside cabin to about $1399 per person for a suite!  You do the math; add 7 nightly stays at a luxury hotel + gourmet food available anytime a day + visiting each of these paradise ports of call = an awesome deal!  As little as $86 per day makes it all happen....And that didn't include all the FREE power packed networking you get to do!

Write to get your spot on this luxury cruise / workshops / networking fun-filled, seven-day holiday!  Book now and take advantage of the monthly pay plan.  Don't miss this extra special training know you really want to go!

You are under no obligation, for FREE information, fill out and submit this form - This is it - Don't miss out!

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