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November 11, 2005

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The Two Sentence Wealth Formula
By Myron Golden

Since 95% of Americans are either dead or dead broke at age 65, and only 4% make it to what many consider to be wealthy, and only 1% become totally and completely  financially independent...That means that you have a 95% chance of living without and dieing with nothing in America!  I believe that most Americans would want to increase their odds of getting into the top 5%. I am going to tell you how to end up in the top 5% instead of the bottom 95% in just two sentences; 

Find out what wealthy people do, and do the same things.

Find out what poor people do, and what ever else you do, don’t do that.  

As much of an over simplification as those two sentences may seem to be, the fact is that most people never do either one.   Think about it, do you know the difference between what rich people do and what poor people do?  Did your parents tell you, this is how the rich become rich and the poor become poor so if you want to be rich and not poor do these things and don’t do these things.  Did your teachers tell you?  Did your college professors tell you?  Did your employer tell you?  Was it on the news or in the paper?    Have you ever given it any thought?

What do rich people do that poor people do not?  Are they doing something that is outside your ability to understand or apply?  I don’t think so, maybe you’ve just never stop your routine long enough to think about it.  Now there are many things that rich people do that poor people do not.  I am going to give you a couple of them, but I am not going to give you an exhaustive list.  In talking about what each group does, I am going  to show the contrast.  It is my recommendation that you make these two sentences a life long study, because if you do, each day you will move closer to your dream as long as you take action on what you learn. I want you to see the difference in the way these two groups use their:

1. Mind

2. Mouth

3. Money

First of all lets contrast the use of the mind of the rich and the poor.  When I began to study this, I noticed that there is a big deference between the way rich people and poor people use their minds.  When you use your mind, do you think like a poor person or a rich person. Perhaps you like most people don’t have any idea how to answer this question.  After all if you are poor and have always been poor how would you know how a rich person thinks about money.  Allow me to give you some specifics about these differences.  The differences are many more than you might imagine.  The thoughts of the rich are not complex or incomprehensible.  

They’re not necessarily thoughts of greed or evil

They are simply thoughts that anyone could think if they would only discern and decide to do so.  When rich people think about money they think thoughts of  abundance and opportunity and not thoughts of lack, limitation and poverty. I contend that if you are going to use your mind anyway, and your going to produce something (poverty or wealth) from those thoughts, then you might as well think thoughts that produce wealth, abundance and opportunity .  Let’s look at the contrast between thoughts of abundance and thoughts of lack,  limitation and poverty.

Anything you can do...........

Wealthy people believe, if someone else can produce a result, then they can reproduce that same result or better.  Poor people believe that other people are more gifted than they are, and they could not accomplish the great things that others have, so they never put forth the effort.  Shakespeare said, “Our doubts  are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by  fearing to attempt”.  Les Brown says, “It’s the start that stops most people”.  I say, “don’t let the start stop you”!  It would be easy for us to see that this “failure, poverty and limitation mentality” would keep a professional athlete from becoming successful. 

What if the pro baseball player struck out in his mind every time he ever stood up to bat?  What if the Running back saw himself fumbling the ball before every play?  What if the pro golfer thought every tee shot would go in the water before he swung the club?  If those thoughts won’t work for people in the professional sports arena, why do you think they can work for you?  You may be like many others who have never thought about it.  That is why nothing ever changes for those people.  That  is what this book is about, to teach you how to use your mind in a different way so you can produce some different results.  Let’s look at some other contrasting thoughts of the rich and the poor.

What you see is what you get............. 

When you look at a situation what do you see, the challenge or the opportunity?   Rich people see opportunity in every challenge and poor people see challenge in every opportunity.  When you see a glass of water that is 50% full, do you see that glass as half full or half empty?  (I know it is both, but the question is what do you see)?  Because everyone looks at the world through “personal perspective” painted glasses.  So are your glasses painted with a positive perspective or a negative perspective?  We’ve all heard the saying, “seeing is believing”.  Is that a true statement?   Is seeing believing, or is believing seeing? 

As I do seminars across the country I often ask my audiences these two questions.  Usually about half the audience will agree that seeing is believing and the other half agree that believing is seeing.  Which of these statements do you agree with?  Is seein believing or is believing seeing?  Every now and then I will have one or two of the attendees will have the correct answer which is, both are true.  Seeing is believing and believing is seeing.  However your success or failure could hinge on whether you are a “Seeing Believer” or a “Believing Seer”.  A “Seeing Believer” is a person who believes something only after they have seen it.  And a “Believing Seer” is a person who believes something before they see it.  In fact they believe in it so strongly that they eventually make the world see with their eyes what they have been seeing in their mind long before it was ever physically visible. 

I have discovered that people who are “Seeing Believers” usually fail in life and the people who are “Believing Seers tend to be more successful. Think about it every great accomplishment started with someone believing in what the majority thought was impossible.  Before 1904 most people did not believe that it was possible to build a “heavier than air” flying machine.  But the Wright Brothers believed until they saw it.  Marconi believed in the radio until he saw it.  Even though his friends committed him to a mental institution when he told them of his invention.  Edison believed in the electric light until he saw it. 

If  you want to be wealthy  and create an effortless flow of hands free money,  you must “believe yourself there” long before you ever “see yourself there”. You can not always control the circumstances of your life, but you can always control what you believe about those circumstance.  That is one of the most amazing things about being a “Believing Seer”.  Your eyes can only see what is physically their. Your mind can see anything you choose, whether it is there or not.   

But I don’t like to sell........ 

Another contrasting thought of the rich and poor is how they look at the subject of selling. Rich people love to sell and poor people hate to sell.  That is one of the man reasons the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Think about it, there is only one alternative to selling and that is buying.  When you think about what buying and selling really are then you will see clearly why selling is better for you than buying.  When you sell something someone is taking their money out of their pocket and putting it in yours.  On the other hand if you are buying something that means that  you are taking your money out of your pocket and putting it in theirs. 

Think about the wealthiest people of our generation.  When you think of Sam Walton the founder of Wal*Mart and Sam’s Club, do you think he liked to buy or sell?  When you think of Bill Gates who is currently the richest man in the world; do you think he likes to sell or buy.  Bill Gates has figured out a way to come up with a new operating system every year or two and then get millions of people to buy it.  We could go on naming people who have become extremely wealthy and we can see in every case they “sold something to the masses and now they live with the classes”.  Why is this way of viewing selling so important?  Because that ratio is so

Look What Happens To Poor People............. 

Poor people see themselves as victims of circumstance.  Rich people see themselves as creators of circumstance.  The difference is responsibility.  If you ask the average poor man why he is poor, he will begin to tell you about everyone else.  He will tell you about the government.  He will tell you about his parents.  He will tell about his wfe.  He will tell you about his employer.  After all if the government wouldn’t tax him so much and his parents would have provided a better example and his wife was more supportive and his kids weren’t giving him such a hard time and if his employer would only give him a raise, then of course he could get ahead. 

The sad fact is this man’s life will never get better because he refuses to take responsibility.  Jim Rohn says, if you will change everything in your life will change.  If you will get better, everything in you life will get better.  If you want to get wealthy, you must take responsibility for where you are and where you want to go.  Stop pointing the finger at others and go take a long look in the mirror and demand that man to get better.  Don’t play the “Blame Game”.  When you find your self in an unfortunate situation, before you try to get someone else to fix it for you. 

Ask your self these questions. What can I do?  Make a list of the things you can do. Learn to think on paper.  Don’t just think it, ink it.  Writing things down helps to make them more clear.  Next, ask yourself, What can I read?  Few things will contribute to your wealth quest like reading good books.  Books make your world bigger.  Books allow you to meet and converse with people you would never otherwise meet.  Books allow you to tap into the wisdom of some of the greatest minds who ever lived.  Books can cause you to have ideas that you would have otherwise never had. 

Rich people collect books and poor people collect televisions, videos and DVDs.  So ask yourself the question, what can I read. Allow me to throw in a couple of tips about reading books.  Always read with a highlighter nearby.  Always read with a journal and a pen nearby.  Always read with a dictionary nearby.  You need a highlighter to mark things that you want to remember, use or refer to again.  You also want to use a highlighter to mark things that stimulate your thinking.  You need a journal and a pen because one of the most important books you will ever read is the one you write yourself.  You need a dictionary handy because one of the biggest hindrances to learning is an undefined word.  Anytime you come across a word in a book that you don’t understand, look it up and you will increase your ability to learn that subject.

The last question want to ask yourself when you find yourself in some unfavorable circumstances is, who can I ask for help.  I cannot over emphasize the importance of making this your last recourse instead of your first.   Many people have robbed themselves of the best solution to a problem because they allowed themselves to utilize a good answer that came from someone who wanted to help them.  If you will go through these steps and take responsibility for your circumstance.  You will find that Emerson was right when he said; “Men are not creatures of circumstances, circumstances are creatures of men.  I do not believe in circumstances, those that get on in this life are the people who go out and look for the circumstances they want and when they can’t find them, make them!”

Myron Golden is a 20 year veteran of the Network Marketing Industry. He is has built large organizations in several companies and now uses the knowledge he has learned over the last 20 years to empower others in this great industry. He attained the rank of Black Belt in the martial arts even thought he contracted polio as a infant and walks with a brace on his leg. Nothing stops this man from being empowered and empowering others. He developed systems that that he uses to train people across the country from different companies, some of the people who have utilized his systems have organizations that are growing between 50 and 400 people per month.  Visit Myron's website at:  or phone him at: 717-773-5090


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