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October 9, 2005

Chief Editor: Greg Arnold
Featured Contributing Columnist: Ted Nicholas
Contributing Editors: Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Robert Butwin, Rod Cook, Jeffery Combs,
Jerry "DRhino" Clark, Todd Falcone, Artemis Limpert, Ellie Drake, Dr Stan Harris & Jeff Babener

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Self Discipline
The Ultimate Path to Prosperity In Any Area of Life!

10th Degree Black Belt, Dr. Stan Harris

I just successfully defended my Martial Arts title July 3, 2005 at the"Battle of Harrisburg."   I won my first title 20 years ago, and now @ 45 years of age one of my fellow blackbelt friends of 36 years asked me a question, "how do you keep doing it, after all of these years how do you stay fresh? Well, it's not talent, like most of the world is after, but rather a secret weapon that most have forgotten about called Self Discipline, or good character! My dojo (place to practice) has a motto, "We forge our bodies on the fires of our wills." In essence, our minds make our bodies do what we want, not vice versa. Every great athlete understands this, and the winners practice it persistently! They push themselves to do things that they don't fell like doing, the body says "enough," the pain says "quit now, and I'll stop," the will says, "no!" Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that have responded properly to discipline! My oldest son Joshua recently graduated from Marine Boot Camp with honors, my lovely daughter Christina is working on her Doctorate degree and something struck me that I had never thought of before. Without exception everyone that I personally know who has attained, or is in line to reach some type or level of success, has a background in some discipline. Let me explain, they either did (not just played) Sports, were in the Military, or took some form of Martial Arts training which we call Discipline. When I meet a serious Martial Artist, I don't ask what style, but rather what discipline they practice! 

Conquering self!

I have lived by the philosophy (sometimes I fail) that a great old orator said, "The greatest of all victories, is the conquest of ones own self."  My good friend Les Brown (whom I have shared the platform with) says he often askes his audiences, how many of you know that you could do more, or be more if you had more self discipline, every hand usually goes up, although some heads go down. Solomon, the wisest man in the world said, He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he that ruleth his spirit, than he that taketh a city! Another words, the person who has self discipline is mightier than the greatest General that cannot control his own passions! You see habits are usually too small to be noticed, until they're too big to be overcome, however, a person working on self discipline will nip bad habits in the bud, before they grow. "You must be willing to pay for your dreams with self discipline, so you wont have to live with nightmares of regret." Dr.S.Harris  

Every Failure or Problem has a root  

You see, just about every failure, or problem is in essence a self discipline problem! The only thing keeping me back from being or doing more is my own lack of self discipline. We were not born winners or losers, but rather Choosers, chose to win through self discipline! The enemy, is in-a-me! Did you get that? No one can stop you, but you. The African proverb says, If there's no enemy within, the enemy without can do you no harm." Don't play the blame game! Take responsibility, be a real man/woman, it's okay to be honest with yourself. Stop looking at the fruit, check the root. Stop looking at the symptoms, look at the root cause! Being Overweight (with a few exceptions), a lot of physical, social, marital, relationship, business, financial problems etc. can be traced to a lack of discipline in some area. As kids we mistakenly thought that maturity comes with age, but I tell young men that "mustache, and muscles don't make the man." Young ladies, "hips and curves don't make the woman." Maturity is when you get to the place (not necessarily age) that you do by your self what at one time someone had to tell you to do. It's when you do by your self (self-discipline) what at one time a boss had to make you do. It's when you go from the baby stage of being undisciplined (no control over self or faculties), past the Teen stage of having discipline (ability to do what your told) to the adult stage of being Self disciplined. I tell young people all the time, you have it easy now, all you have to do is what you are told, but one day, you will have to be the one telling yourself what to do, and then following thru without any outside help! Our nation has a lack of discipline problem, our Men, Women, and young people all have one major problem-lack of self discipline! Successful people discipline themselves to do daily, what ordinary people only do occasionally!

If Networking is not working for you, you need to work on you!

When I started in the powerful industry of Network Marketing. I shot to the top of my companies pay scale (my annual income, became my monthly income), I was awarded a company bonus car (Black Lincoln Navigator) as well as many free cruises and awards. I was asked a question, "How did you do it?" Well I first confessed I didn't do it, God gave me the wisdom, strength, etc. however it was also because I recruited a team of disciplined, thus very influential people. I want you to understand something, and never, ever, under any circumstances forget it, "we may not have it altogether, but together, we have it all." ( author unknown) To be successful in this industry, you need a good team (T= Together, E=Each, A=Accomplishes, M=More). My secret, I had surrounded my self with a team of disciplined, thus very influential people! Don't kid yourself, if you can't influence yourself, listen to yourself, or discipline yourself, how can you expect to influence someone else successfully? That's why my friend Jim Rohn (whom I have shared the platform with, and taken a personal trip together, with he, and his mentor Bill Bailey) says, "If you work on your business, you can make some money, if you work on yourself, you can make a fortune." The most powerful system (S=Save, Y=Your, S=Self, T=Time, E=Energy, M=Money) of distribution of goods and services that people want and need can be found in good Network Marketing companies. If Networking is not working for you, you need to work on you! (contact me for my article, and CD on, When Networking is notworking) The problem has always been that people get excited, get started, get rejected, and give up eventually or just doggy paddle in the shallow income, instead of diving into the deep end and swimming with high income. If you will discipline yourself to listen/watch  CD's/DVD's, (These things cost, but they pay for themselves) read good books, articles like this one (smile), attend great events like Street Smart Live, Audio Fire, or one of my "BreakThrough" Training's, etc. (Empty your wallet into your mind, and your mind will fill your wallet-B.Franklin) and most importantly, implement (practice which takes discipline) what you learn, success is inevitable, you will eventually travel the beaches of the world as you deserve!

The Silver Bullet of Success

If you are looking for the silver bullet of success- here it is- every great Soldier, Athlete, Statesman, Actor, Preacher, Speaker, Network Marketer, etc. did so because behind the scenes, they sowed the seeds of self discipline, and reaped the Harvest of success! Self-respect is the fruit of self-discipline; your sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to your passions. Abraham Lincoln said it best, " I will prepare myself, and my time will come." The more self disciplined you become, the "luckier" you will get! Learn to make yourself do what others won't, and you will soon have what others don't! (wow, that's good, read that again) Learn to make yourself do what others won't, and you will soon have what others don't!Just like in your business, It's the start that stops most people, don't let the start, stop you, get started right now! We don't need to learn anything else, you don't need a new way to recruit etc. we just need to practice what we already know! I know you will start working on being more disciplined, and like my friend Zig says (whom I've spoken for) I'll see you at the top or from the top (my paraphrase) the choice is up to you, but to those who implement what you just read, I know I'll see you over the top-because you rock!

10th Degree Black Belt, Dr. Stan Harris is the present reigning champion of Karate World Rating System, a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame, a member of the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, Author, powerful speaker, AND VERY SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR! He has spoken in all 50 States and 19 Countries. If you'd like to learn more about this success dynamo, you can visit his website at or  Dr. Stan is a BreakThrough expert that uses motivation, inspiration, imagination, education, and entertainment to assist his audience to "BreakThrough" to their next level.

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Jerry Clark became a self-made millionaire while still in his 20’s. Today, through his company Club Rhino, Inc., he conducts personal and professional development seminars around the World. The topics covered range from peak performance training, effective communication strategies, and how to increase your productivity and profitability in your Network Marketing Business. Jerry is the producer of over 100 of the most empowering audio programs available in the Network Marketing industry.  If you have never heard Jerry speak you are in for the thrill of your life.  If you have, you already know one of the big reasons why your attending the MLM Party in Las Vegas on Dec 3rd and 4th!

Robert Butwin's successful career has earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues throughout the profession. He is active in a leadership role with several organizations, including the MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association), which has twice named him "Distributor of the Year."  Robert knows exactly what it takes to make a fortune as a network marketer. More importantly, over the years, he has taught many other networkers how to make a fortune also. Most important, when you attend this event, he’ll teach you!

You will enjoy Greg Arnold’s industry based humor, which includes 30 years of observations and experiences. Greg once personally sponsored 182 people over the telephone in a six-month period while building and organization of over 5000 from scratch during those same six months. He is also the author of the wildly entertaining book The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur’s Court.  Today Greg is one of the top Internet Marketers in the world.   He'll show you how you can create $5000, $10,000, even $20,000 in passive internet income while you're building your MLM business too!  You’ll pick up at least one, if not many, life changing money making strategies. Greg will also inspire you in a way you have never quite experienced at a MLM event in the past.

He's been behind enemy lines in places that are still classified.  Rod Cook was once declared "dead" by the military.  After returning from a highly dangerous mission he couldn't draw his regular pay for months while they got it straightened out.  So...He took advantage of the free time that being dead brings and built a $100,000 per month income in just a few short months.  As the MLM Watchdog™, Rod and his field reporters handle hundreds of questions or complaints a week about MLM companies. Rod jokingly says, “I live in the middle of the MLM Information Highway and get run over by trucks twice a day!” Rod is considered the ultimate MLM "marketing" inside information source!  As a distributor he has the distinction of being one of the few who has actually earned a seven figure income.  As a corporate MLM consultant, he has had more successes than any of his competitors.  You will greatly enjoy Rod's colorful stories and benefit powerfully from his highly successful experiences.

Tom Chenault has been in network marketing for over 15 years. He has built an organization of over 80,000 distributors.  He has been the top distributor in a few companies and is extremely passionate about network marketing. He travels the country training and supporting his organization and teaching network marketing. He has done what most people dream of doing.  He left the high stress world of Corporate America and literally reinvented his life. While once chasing the American dream of lots of money and big house but no time, he now has it all...time, financial and health freedom! His commitment is to teach others to achieve the same. Through his radio show he has been able to show the world that a great life is just a decision away.  On his weekly radio show, his guests not only write great books, but they are a stand for abundance and ethical business practices.  He is married and has three children, they too enjoy the fruits that a successful home based business can provide; network marketing has given them the time to be an "at home" family and to travel the world.

Brian Klemmer is an international consultant and speaker whose seminars have been attended by tens of thousands of participants in Japan, Canada, the Philippines, Europe, and throughout the United States over the last 20 years. He is truly an entertaining and effective speaker, facilitator and master of group dynamics.

Ruben Gonzalez is proof that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things if they follow a few simple steps.   Ruben is funny, direct and on target. He’s on a mission to inspire and equip people to think differently, to take immediate action, and to produce better results. (The video story of what it feels to hurl yourself down the icy luge run, and the hilarious "Vinny" story - 7min: Click Here to View) Through his riveting stories and keen insights Ruben brings the Olympics to life. He will give your audience an Olympic experience they will never forget. A transforming���powerfully emotional experience. Truly an event.   Ruben’s story of his quest for the Olympics gives people hope and strength. His story moves people to commitment and action. After experiencing Ruben’s program, your people will know exactly what it takes to succeed in life. They will be inspired and equipped to take whatever they do to the next level.

Artemis Limpert is an EAS Body-for-Life © Grand Champion for the year 2000 and her personal achievements led to her being selected as a current spokesperson for Anthony Robbins latest infomercial “Get the Edge”.  In her Network Marketing business she shares her highly effective coaching and teaching methods that changed her business from "No Profit" to being at the top her company within 24 months.

Dr. Stan Harris; At age 6 young Stan was jumped, beaten, tarred and feathered by a teenage gang. He started in Martial Arts to learn how to protect himself, now 35 years later he is one of few who have attained the highest honors, the 10th degree Black Belt. He has been inducted into the Black belt Hall of Fame, and still holds the title of the Heavyweight champion with Karate World rating system. He has traveled over 2 million miles using a combination of his martial art skills, along with his energetic speaking ability to move crowds as large as 17,000.

Now as a trainer/consultant, he has shared the platform with many greats like Bill Bailey, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Charlie Tremendous Jones, Doug Firebaugh, Jerry Clark, Jeff Combs, Bob Harrison etc. He is the promoter of special events for the Legendary Bill Bailey, and is a powerful connector of people and a master communicator. He has spoken in all 50 states and 14 countries, has been on numerous radio and TV shows. You must see this Breakthrough Expert in action, and feel the power of his person and message. Any group, business, church, school, etc would benefit from this man's passionate, message.

Todd Falcone brings over a decade of in-the-field Direct Sales and Network Marketing experience to the table and shares his insights, thoughts and strategies for those looking for peak performance in their Network Marketing and Direct Sales careers.   He is a million dollar earner and has made his way to the top in four leading Network Marketing companies.  Mr. Falcone is a highly-recognized trainer, personal coach and mentor to hundreds of top-performing home business owners. His stories, teachings and articles have been featured in several magazines including Six-Figure Income, HBC (Home Business Connection), Zig Ziglar’s Book “Network Marketing for Dummies”,, and Golden Mastermind Seminars (owned by Jeffery Combs).

Barry Donalson has greatly influenced the industry of Direct Sales and Professional Networking over the past 13 years. After a broad experience in Marketing, Accounting, Finance and Training for one of the largest automobile companies in world, he began and launched a successful direct marketing company, focusing on the sales of information material.  Over the last several years, Barry has conducted over 2000 high-energy leadership speeches and sales seminars throughout the US and abroad in which he impacted and trained tens of thousands of representatives in areas of Direct Sales, Personal Development and Professional Networking. He has conducted high level consulting assignments with several multi-million dollar business leaders in the areas of strategic planning and organizational development.

Myron Golden is a 20 year veteran of the Network Marketing Industry. He is has built large organizations in several companies and now uses the knowledge he has learned over the last 20 years to empower others in this great industry. He attained the rank of Black Belt in the martial arts even thought he contracted polio as a infant and walks with a brace on his leg. Nothing stops this man from being empowered and empowering others. He developed systems that that he uses to train people across the country from different companies, some of the people who have utilized his systems have organizations that are growing between 50 and 400 people per month. Your life will be changed, and your destiny will manifest itself to you after attending on of Myron's trainings. As a speaker he speaks before large and small crowds, giving them words of wisdom, and practical application. Look forward to the time that you will spend in his presence, it will be one of the best investments of your time that you have ever made.

Adam Ginsberg is the "entrepreneur's entrepreneur" having extensive business and training experience across many industries.  While still in college, Adam launched a direct sales career earning in excess of $25,000 in his senior year and was a key leader in building a young marketing company into a $200,000,000 international sales corporation, Adam consistently set National records and, more importantly, trained and developed countless sales reps and managers to become successful following in his footsteps. Always searching for new challenges and opportunities, Adam spent several years working with Internet start-up ventures gaining valuable insights about Internet sales and marketing.  In 2001 Adam began selling on eBay.  In under one year he became the #1 seller in the Sports Category and was named the #1 new seller on eBay in 2002.  Adam's commitment to success on eBay is demonstrated by his outsanding (98%+) feedback satisfaction score and his Titanium Power Seller Status, eBay's highest level.  He has established several successful stores on eBay and he has personally sold over $20,000,000 on eBay in the last three years.

Richard Neihart equips and empowers network marketing professionals. With profound insights into the needs of his listeners, he inspires and teaches them how to move beyond their fears and self-imposed limitations into greater sales success.  Richard is a very passionate, exciting speaker.

Denise Michaels, is a trainer and coach for the EMI protégé program.  She’s also the author of “Testosterone-Free Marketing” and  Founder of  Denise is a marketing mentor with over two decades solid experience in advertising, public relations, market research, planning and sales. 

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Todd Falcone has been a successful field leader for over a decade.  He is also a public speaker, trainer and personal coach to several top producing network marketers.

Highly successful MLM Distributor, Artemis Limpert is an EAS Body-for-Life © Grand Champion for the year 2000 and her personal achievements led to her being selected as a current spokesperson for Anthony Robbins latest infomercial “Get the Edge”.

Ellie Drake is the President and CEO of BraveHeart Productions. She is a Keynote Speaker, Coach, Doctor, and Successful Entrepreneur.

Dr. Stan Harris is the present reigning champion of Karate World Rating System, a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame, a member of the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, Author, powerful speaker, AND VERY SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR!

Over the last two decades Jeff Babener has served as marketing and legal advisor to some of the world's largest direct selling companies, the likes of Avon, Nikken, Shaklee, Tupperware, Prepaid Legal, Longaberger, Melaleuca, Discovery Toys, Amazon Herb, NuSkin, Cell Tech, New Vision and Sunrider.