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August 28, 2005

Chief Editor: Greg Arnold
Featured Contributing Columnist: Ted Nicholas
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They’ll Do It, If They Want It
by Greg Arnold

In September of 1978, my wife and I had just settled in at our regular duty station at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia.  We had recently received the news that we were expecting our first child.  We didn’t really need that confirmation to know her condition because my wife got sick on the morning she conceived and was sick until the morning Mindy was born.  I guess that’s why they call it morning sickness.

We had been married for about 4 years when I joined the Army so all our bills were pretty well established by the time we had to live off of that good Army pay.  We carefully budgeted everything and came up with the comfortable figure of being about $150 per month in the hole to buy groceries with.  Since she was sick all the time, I had to get a part-time job.  At $2.00 per hour I was only going to have to work about 30 hours per week on top of my 45 to 50 hours I was giving Uncle Sam. 

I had answered an ad in the paper about working with an “asset management” company so I wouldn’t have to put in so many extra hours.  A guy by the name of Bob Turley came over to the house that Friday evening and showed me a way that I could save some money on my life insurance so I gave him my policy to analyze.   I asked Bob about the part-time job and he told me "No.  I was too young.”  I told him I was 22, “Was there a law that stopped me from getting involved?”   To make a long story shorter, he gave me an assignment and told me to finish by the time he called me next.

At 8:am the next morning, he called.  “Do you have that done yet?”  I told him “sure.”  I lied.  He said great, I’ll see you in an hour to pick that up and get you signed up.  I scribbled a bunch of stuff down to partially finish my assignment.  When he got there he looked at it and told me it wasn’t done.  I told him I’d get to that but lets start filling out whatever paperwork we needed.  He reluctantly agreed and he pulled out a life insurance application.  “To work with us you need to have at least a $100,000 policy.” 

We had just received our mid-month pay of $114, which was going to buy some groceries.  Mother Hubbard had nothing on us.  Bob wrote up the application and asked for a check for $77.16 (I really remember that figure, it was huge at the time.  My old policy was about $9 per month!).  We wrote the check.  Then he told me I needed an insurance license and that was going to cost another $30.00!  We wrote him the check.  Well, I now had $7 in the bank and a new part-time job.  Pretty cool.  I was excited!

Bob, later told me that if he had known just how broke we were at the time he wouldn’t have let me join the company.  Frankly, I wanted it really bad and he couldn’t have stopped me.  It was tough at first but it worked out very well financially.  If your why is strong enough, no matter what, you’ll make the decision to win every time. 

Many times in network marketing, we make judgments about our prospects that they can’t afford it without really consulting them about it.  We say to ourselves that $499, or whatever the price of entry, is just too much for these guys on their budget.  Because we think that way, we’re exactly right.  Of course a few days or weeks later, that same prospect is writing a $499 check to another distributor with another company because that distributor didn’t prejudge them.

People can afford to do exactly what they want to do, if they want it bad enough.  If you were to park a brand new Mercedes 600SL in almost anyone’s driveway and offer him or her the keys and the title if they came up with $499 by six o’clock that evening, do you think they would find a way?  Sure they would, because they want it.  When you prejudge your prospect’s finances for them, you do them a terrible disservice and you severely limit your own ability to build a successful business.

You do them a disservice because you make them weak when it comes time for them to ask for the money.  Instead of asking for $499, they ask for the lesser $100 pack or worse yet, just the $40 kit app.  Instead of explaining the benefits of the Gold pack and the $100 autoship program, they beg for whatever they can get.  Because you didn’t help them to see the value of starting out right, they don’t really have a chance to be successful.  Their eventual failure really becomes your fault!

Your job is to #1) Know the benefits of the program. (Side note:  If you didn’t buy the Gold Pack yourself, how will you ever be able to look your prospects in the eye and tell them that this one is best?  Spending that $107 of my $114 all those years ago has paid huge dividends for me ever since and for hundreds of people I have helped to be successful also.)  #2) Share the benefits of the program.  And #3) Let your prospects decide if they want it or not.  They’ll do it, if they want it.  If they don't want it, why would you want to try to work with them?  MLM is a sorting business.  You only want to work with the ones that want it.  Just find the ones that do and don't worry about the ones that don't.

Greg Arnold is the author of “The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur’s Court.”  He built an organization of over 11,000 distributors and $30,000 per month income in less than a year.  Greg and his partner Robert Butwin have teamed up to bring you the Street Smart Live MLM Newsletter.  In addition to his networking activities, Greg has served as a consultant with top network marketing companies and leading network marketers. He is also a world class speaker and trainer.  Greg can be contacted at

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