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July 10, 2005

Contributing Editors: Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Robert Butwin, Rod Cook, Jeffery Combs, Jerry "DRhino" Clark, Greg Arnold,
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Identifying Limiting Beliefs
Artemis Limpert 

Question:  I was recently asked:  “What is the most effective way of changing one’s thinking and how can one discover what their limiting beliefs are? Is it through repetition of personal development and then APPLYING those lessons?”

Answer:  Since you are asking from your listening to the series EDUCATING YOUR EXPECTATIONS… you will find more on the answers to these questions in CDs 4, 6 & 7 (HOW TO INFLUENCE YOURSELF)!   And more specific information in the CD “MOVING INTO YOUR POWER” –

In addition, here are some thoughts not found there.  For me, I had done a LOT of self development the 10 years before I started my Network Marketing business… investing over $12,000 in seminars, books etc!  I learned many “TRUTHS” during this time… all of which I agreed with… and many of which I taught and passed on to others in my life at that time.  And yet, during this decade there was very little “RESULT” or change that occurred in my life... which frustrated me greatly and sometimes made me feel more hopeless that things I truly wanted would always be out of my reach.

There is much more required of any of us who truly want “RESULTS” from what we learn then we realize… a simple, yet profound change that many will choose not to do… and this is why so many experience what I did during that decade in my 30’s that I just described above. 

You know the saying:  “It’s not knowledge that changes anything… its APPLIED KNOWLEDGE that creates change”.   Here is the CRUX of the matter…

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Truth Must Replace Diseased Attitudes… believing isn’t enough! 

It will require a relinquishment of SELF LIMITING BELIEFS before any Wisdom from self development can truly release its power.  You see, I believed these “TRUTHS”… and I believed they would definitely work for you… and I hoped they would somehow help me change how I thought about myself. 

What I didn’t realize was… “It was My Move First!”

Many of us want to see the TRUTHS work for us… and then we’ll change how we believe about ourselves… but it works in reverse.

For me I had 3 main LIMITING BELIEFS:

1)      That I offended people so I could never use my gifts

2)     That men would never listen to a woman so even if I used my gifts it wouldn’t work since I was a woman

3)     And as if that wasn’t enough… the final blow to any progress was this:  If I ever used my gifts I would end up alone in life… my biggest fear!

So no matter what “TRUTHS” were brought to me through the self development I exposed myself to… Nothing could change while I held these DISEASED ATTITUDES toward myself as true!  The “TRUTHS” in my head would be like a “bill going thru congress”… and by the time it got thru my head… it was stripped of all its power and I’d be left having proven my biggest fears to myself once again.

After 2 years of running my network marketing business as a Non-Profit… I finally changed my core belief about myself. 

My EMPOWERING BELIEF that enabled me to attract my team and be fully present to them was the following:  

“If you meet me today… and it’s the right time for you to begin your business… and you were led to me to begin your business…  then I’m going to accept that you were meant to meet me just where I am in life and it's no mistake!  I will give you everything I have to offer and LEAD FULLY and allow everything that happens from that point forward to be used in both our lives for good!” 

My Network Marketing business brought me face-to-face with QUITTING  or CHANGING!  In my jobs in the past I was able to successfully execute what was needed while still holding onto all my self-hating thinking… but not in my Network Marketing business… Thank Goodness!   I had to finally come clean and LET GO of WHAT DID NOT SERVE ME!

Some who are reading this may think this is hard to figure out… but in fact, we all seem to have 1 or 2 CORE LIMITING BELIEFS about ourselves that pretty much summarize or encompass all the others… so it’s not that hard to find these.  Remember, IT’s OUR MOVE FIRST… to RELINQUISH OUR EXCUSES and LIMITING/DISEASED BELIEFS… and then ALL the “TRUTHS” of self development can finally bear their fruit in our lives.

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

Ask yourself the following when faced with fear and negative thinking:

1)      What would I have to believe to QUIT or NOT STEP FORWARD in this area of my life?

2)     What would I have to believe in order TO STEP FORWARD in this area of my life?


This will reveal many things to you... and give you keys to YOUR POWER TO CHOOSE!

*  An additional resource addressing this question is the BOOK:  The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

How did I address and Overcome my Limiting Beliefs? 

I consistently released my limiting beliefs... and THEN I ACTED on the “TRUTH”!  This again is the area most people fail to act upon.  

COMMIT to ACT UPON the TRUTH... usually the opposite of the limiting beliefs of "I can't, or I'm not the person, or I'm not talented enough... etc.

Definitely pick up that book and you will get a wealth of distinctions... but as you read, don't forget to MAKE YOUR COMMITMENTS TO ACTION on the “TRUTH”!

Some say they’ve tried to get over their Negative Thinking or Limiting Beliefs but it didn’t work for them…

No Process does or doesn't work for us... it is each of us that has to work a process of change through until the change is so deep within us that we have created new patterns of thought and habit.  It is a misunderstanding when we give something the power over us... rather than assuming the power to change from within.

Everything in our lives comes from a "RECIPE" so to speak. We have recipes for every feeling or result we create we in life.  Many of our "RECIPES" are unconscious to us... and that is the journey.  Becoming Conscious Beings and Becoming wise in our Choices rather than spending our lives as Unconscious Reactors to situations in our lives.

None of us is too young/old… we are just right where we are… and NOW IS THE TIME, or we wouldn’t be seeing and realizing what we are today!  Our PAST does not equal our FUTURE… so it does not matter what happened before now… it’s as if every moment erased the footprints in yesterday’s snow… and we can create a NEW PATH any time we choose. 

Artemis is an EAS Body-for-Life © Grand Champion for the year 2000 and her personal achievements led to her being selected as a current spokesperson for Anthony Robbins latest infomercial “Get the Edge”.  In her Network Marketing business she shares her highly effective coaching and teaching methods that changed her business from "No Profit" to being at the top her company within 24 months.  She can be contacted by phone at: 888-870-6212 Her web-address is:

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