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June 19, 2005

Contributing Editors: Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Robert Butwin, Rod Cook, Jeffery Combs, Jerry "DRhino" Clark, Greg Arnold,
Todd Falcone, Artemis Limpert, Robert Blackman, Dr Zonnya, Ellie Drake, Michael Clouse & Jeff Babener


Winning Isn’t About Accomplishment
by Greg Arnold

Ever set a goal that you didn’t accomplish?  And, because you failed, you felt like such a loser?  Well, those days are over!  Today, right now, you’re going to learn how to put all that behind you.  You’re going to learn how to ask yourself a simple question that will change the rest of your life, FOREVER!  What’s the question? Four little words;  “Am I winning now?”

Setting goals is all well and good, but most of the time we are merely verbalizing our wishes.  We all know that wishes belong in fairy tails but NOT as part of our success arsenal.  Because most of us don’t know how to get what we want (wish for) out of life, every time we say that we want something (set a goal), we are programming ourselves to fail.  Because deep inside we know that we won’t get it and we begin the posturing process that guarantees that it won’t happen.

As human beings we are ruled by our expectations.  We pretty much get everything we expect out of life.  Did you ever here the phrase “Actions speak louder than words?”  Here is one to go along with that “Expectations are more powerful that goals.”  If you set a goal this month to sponsor five new distributors but you don’t really expect it to happen, it won’t.

Art Williams (author of All You Can Do Is All You Can Do, But All You Can Do Is Enough) used to say; “Winners win and Losers Lose.”  While that sounds brutally honest, it’s also brutally true.  Winners have learned how to manage their expectations and losers haven’t.  The good news is, managing your expectations is nothing but an acquired skill. 

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However, up until now, you pretty much would have had to be extremely fortunate (lucky) to have acquired this skill.  They don’t teach it in any institution of learning.  There are no parenting handbooks on the subject.  You won’t find it in any book about how to be a good friend to others.  And it certainly won’t be found in any corporate management employee guide. 

Up until now, the expectation of winning has been passed down from generation to generation in families that expect to win or through very keen observation and practice.  For all I know it started with the caveman who was the first to kill for food and then passed that skill on to his children.  Maybe it was the guy or gal, who first built a fire without the aid of lightening and then passed that skill down.  Wherever it came from, the expectation of winning is the single most powerful tool you can possess in your success toolkit.

To get your expectation of winning, you have to learn to manage it.  To do that, you will have to learn to replace your expectation of losing.  Now you can say, “Greg, you’re full of pollywog droppings.  I am no loser!”  Frankly, it isn’t my business whether you are or you aren’t.  You’re record always has and always will speak for itself.  If I am speaking about you today and you want to change it, you can.  If I am not talking about you today, shouldn’t you be teaching this to those who look to you for leadership?

Ok, so how do we learn to manage our expectations?  How do we learn to expect to win?  Believe it or not, it is pretty simple.  You simply have to learn what winning really is and quit equating it to your accomplishments.  Take this simple test:

  1. I set a goal to sponsor 5 new people this month and didn’t accomplish it.  Winner or loser? 

  2. I wanted to earn $500 this month but only received a check for $250.  Winner or loser?

  3. I wanted to go to the company convention but at the last minute, something came up.  Winner or loser?

  4. I thought I could increase the size of my team by 50 new distributors this month, and I did it!  Winner or loser?

  5. All of my friends and family said I couldn’t get to the point where I could go full time and live my dreams with MLM but I did it anyway!  Winner or loser?

The answer to all five questions is “None of the above.”

As I said before, what you accomplish has nothing to do with winning or losing.  That is simply what you have been conditioned to think all these years.  It’s time to change all that.  New mantra; Winning or losing is what I am doing this moment.  In other words, winning or losing has everything to do with what direction you are choosing to move in, right now!

If you are reading this article because you want to improve your ability to succeed, you’re winning, right now.  If you finish this article and come to a realization that it is speaking about you but you choose to do nothing, you will move into the losing direction.  If you choose to get healthier and you find yourself at the gym, 70 pounds overweight but working out anyway, you’re winning now.  And you are winning everyday that you continue to workout, no matter how much you weigh.

If you want to build your business, everyday that you spend time prospecting, you’re winning now.  Didn’t prospect today, you’re losing now.  Want to learn more about the business or improve yourself…everyday that you listen to CDs or read the right books or attend seminars or company events, you’re winning now.  Everyday you don’t, you’re losing now.  Want to think more positively…every moment that you avoid listening to, watching, or reading the news, you’re winning now.  Every moment you have to get your news fix, you’re losing now.

Winning or losing is all about what you are doing now.  They have nothing to do with what you actually accomplish.  What you accomplish is how the world around you judges whether you are a winner or not.  But that is all second hand news.  What you will accomplish tomorrow has everything to do with how many days you choose to rack up “winning now” or how many you will accept losing now.  The more times you ask yourself;  “Am I winning now?” and act accordingly, the more moments you will spend winning.  The more moments you spend winning, the more you will begin to expect to win.  The more you expect to win, the more YOU WIN.

The key to victory is to stop living in the world that others judge you by and start managing the moments you are living in now. These moments will be the ones that you will use to carve out your destiny.  Make sure you ask yourself often; “Am I winning now?”   And make sure the answer is yes!

Greg Arnold is the author of “The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur’s Court.”  He built an organization of over 11,000 distributors and $30,000 per month income in less than a year.  Greg and his partner Robert Butwin have teamed up to bring you the Street Smart Live MLM Newsletter.  In addition to his networking activities, Greg serves as a consultant with top network marketing companies and leading network marketers. He is also a world class speaker and trainer.  Greg can be contacted at

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