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May 8, 2005

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Lead with Your Heart…
By Artemis Limpert (Artemis@PaidMyDues.Net)

Ever wonder why things are often more difficult than you “thought” they’d be.  That’s because it’s not until you actually ENGAGE with something that your “Real Resistance” rears its ugly head.  That’s when you begin rationalizing with yourself as to whether to go forward… or not.   Early in my business my rationalizations were pretty impressive.  They were so good in fact, I honestly wasn’t sure I could beat my own arguments.  

This business is one of the most challenging, scary and rewarding adventures that you and I could choose to engage in.  It takes tremendous courage, vision, steadfast determination, persistence, faith and belief… these are all characteristics of the HEART… not the mind!   

This business is about helping people to step up and out of the familiar “hectic, fast-paced,  under-financed lives…  to step onto a path toward financial and time freedom that many of us, if we were honest, aren’t sure is really possible for us.    

When I first started my business I had to keep reminding myself that this was a business about Ordinary People” creating their own path to financial and time freedom.   I loved and hated this business for the same reason.  It challenged me to grow as a person.  I’d venture to say many of you hold this business, and your success, at arms length for the very same reason.  I suspect our underbellies look very much the same.   

I’d like to share some of the virtues and vices that were personally challenging to me, as it may help you along your own journey to success.  Most of all I hope it will quicken your path to success and keep you from being out-witted by your “fearful self” and robbed of your rightful place at the TOP of your company. 

1) Temptation to rationalize your fears:   The danger of rationalizing with your dreams is that it’s so easy to fall back into a world of busyness.  In fact so busy that you can keep yourself distracted for years, or maybe even a lifetime.  Many choose to stay so out of touch with themselves and their dreams they don’t even feel the loss.   

No one fully understands this journey when they first embark on it.  It’s probably a good thing we didn’t know or many of us may not have come along for the journey, but isn’t that true of many things in life.  Who knows what marriage will require on the day of the wedding or what child rearing will require on the day the child is born? 

2)  Playing “Playing to Win” vs. “Not to Lose”:  This business requires you to play full out with a team…  and learning that requires that you stay engaged and remain open-hearted.  If you plan to be truly successful in this business, you must reconcile yourself to the fact that it will mean you have to “risk being known”.  If you fight this fact, you will cut yourself off from the very life-blood of your success - which is team! 

3)  Inertia:  I was keenly aware of my tendency to get frozen in my tracks when things got tough.  The process of this business is unlike a job in so many ways.  Where inertia may keep you in your current position at a job - inertia will take you right out of free enterprise.

4)  The Arm Wrestle for your time:  Who or what won your time today… the “Urgent” or “Important” things.  You’re life is not unique, everyone feels torn between these two areas of their lives and this too can be learned.  It’s not about being perfect… you’ve got to decide to get over that!  It’s about jealously guarding the important dreams and making consistent inroads over an extended period of time to bring your dreams into reality. 

5)  Persistence:  This is where the power of your “Will” comes into play.   If the starting point of all that we aim to achieve is desire - then our level of desire is a good barometer of what our level of achievement will be. The intensity of your desire is the thing that creates the “Will” to persist till the desire is fulfilled.   

6) Faith:  The belief in things not yet seen.  Nuff said!   

7)  Desire:   Desire is the starting point for all achievement.  Your desire is what will drive you to create the excellence you need to bring your desire into reality.  The fact that so many fight this fact and don’t understand the journey toward “Excellence” is perhaps why so many give up on their journey to “Freedom” and go to back to “Egypt”. 

You should know from those who have gone before you that the odds are almost 100% that you will meet with temporary defeat, and maybe even what appears to be outright failure before you reach your success.  Not a big deal in and of itself.  When you get knocked down - GET BACK UP - that’s the part many of us forget to employ.  

There’s no getting around it, this business requires you to lead other people through a process.  This will first require that you walk it yourself.   The “Excellence” developed on your walk will naturally attract and inspire a new level of faith, courage and belief in those you train so they can make the journey too.  Much taller orders than I had at first thought when I started my business four years ago. 

This business will stretch you to grow and step out to become a better and stronger version of who you are today.  This business develops Leaders and Champions out of ordinary people like you and me... creating extraordinary income and freedom… and changing people’s lives.  When you have your moments that you consider going back to “Egypt” remind yourself of these things. What could you possibly go back to that would be more worthwhile than this? 

This business is all about CHARACTER… developing COURAGE, FAITH and STEADFASTNESS that will serve you well in every area of your life.  In a word, it’s all about HEART!

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Artemis Limpert is a master in creating successful teamwork. She has been through the great struggles of self-doubt, or put another way, of facing her own shortcomings and the myriad ways in which they hobbled relationships with others. Artemis inspires many to “Step Forward” in their lives as she effectively shares the knowledge, skills and insights she has made her own.

Artemis is an EAS Body-for-Life © Grand Champion for the year 2000 and her personal achievements led to her being selected as a current spokesperson for Anthony Robbins latest infomercial “Get the Edge”.  In her Network Marketing business she shares her highly effective coaching and teaching methods that changed her business from "No Profit" to being at the top her company within 24 months.  She can be contacted by phone at: 888-870-6212 Her web-address is:

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