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October 8, 2006

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Life’s Ups and Downs
How To Win In spite Of Down Times

By Greg Arnold

2006 has been an interesting year for me.  I suppose it started in August of 2005 when we got the word that my Mom had Pancreatic Cancer and probably wouldn’t live another two months.  Six months earlier her doctor told us after her last check-up that she was as healthy as an ox and would probably live another 20 years.  Needless to say, the August news was a bit of a shock. 

I had promised Mom that she would die in her own bed and that we would scatter her ashes in Moro Bay in California where my Dad was scattered in 1994.  In the two weeks leading up to her event on March 5th, I learned what a huge burden that first promise would become.  I won’t describe every detail, but it wasn’t something I would wish on my worst enemy.  

At the same time, many moments of comfort have arisen since then because of honoring her wishes.  Remarkably, the hardest and most wonderful moment came when I told her that it was ok for her to go be with Dad a few hours before she let go.  It was so hard to tell her that, yet when I did, I saw a complete peace come over her.  That weekend we scattered, her ashes to be with Dad.  Mom loved snow.  Mom was also a very stubborn woman who normally expected and got what she wanted out of life.  It snowed in Moro Bay that night, certainly not the norm for that area.  Even God couldn’t tell her no. 

Shortly after that, my MLM Company didn’t keep a promise that they made to me and left me hanging out to dry with a web system that we had spent a ton of hours and money to make work.  They moved away from their old back office and shut down our system entirely when their new back office went online.  Even though their marketing VP looked me in the eye and told me that we were a priority, they had no intent on having that work for us.  Well, stuff happens, doesn’t it? 

So inside of a few short months, I lost my Mom and I lost my company.  You might describe this as one of those down times.  I had been using a product to help me with my weight since the beginning of the year.  At that time I had dropped about 25 pounds and was under 300 for the first time in what seemed like a very long while.  I had never seen myself building a business with these guys but all the sudden, I was in need of a company to market for, and I was becoming a “product of the product” as they say. 

So at the beginning of May, I started building a whole new business.  Yes a few people followed me, but I honored the personal relationships I had with networkers with my old company and didn’t make any effort at all to pull people from them.  No matter how I felt about the company leadership, or lack of it, I still think you have to support the dreams of people you associate with. 

Richard Brooke gives a wonderful training on expectations that if you ever have the opportunity to listen to, you should take it.  But in his absence, allow me to give you my take on it: 

Life doesn’t care what you want.  In fact, life almost never gives you what you want.  Dreams and wishes are for fairy tales and the movies.  Life will deal out pretty much what you expect of it though.  You are a slave to your expectations.  Your mind and your actions act on your expectations, you can’t help it.  With that, you can have just about anything you want out of life if you learn how to manage your expectations.  Winning is simply a matter of expectation management. 

My wife Pattie and I had expected for a long time that we were going to make a dramatic change in our lives and move to St Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands.  We were ready to start living our dream life.  We expected to live our dream life.  In June, our son Zeke, joined the Air Force leaving Pattie and I as empty nesters.  With nothing now holding us back, we loaded up the truck and we moved to Beverly, or St Thomas that is, warm ocean breezes, tropical stars. 

As expected, life on the island has been good to us.  Our business is up over 6 times what it was with our old company, and it’s growing rapidly.  We work hard and play hard.  We are becoming healthier too.  In 2000 I had both my knees replaced.  The doctors told me that I couldn’t run or play basketball or participate in activities like that anymore.  They said that those kinds of things would cause my new knees to wear out sooner and that instead of getting 15 years or so out of my knees I could reduce that dramatically.  Until this year, I bought into that. 

But here it was January 2006.  I’m 50 years old and weight 304 pounds and I can’t walk across the room without being winded.  I am diabetic, I have sleep apnea, and my blood pressure and cholesterol are too high also.  In other words, I’m a mess.  All I can see is I probably won’t live to see 60.  When you’re 50, that doesn’t seem like a great prospect. 

So I decided I needed to change my expectations when it came to my health.  I expected to get healthy and live a very long and prosperous life.  My body began to respond.  Today, in October 2006 I am 65 pounds lighter, my blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and breathing are all normal.  I’m even sleeping better.  I started walking everyday too.  Now Pattie and I walk 45 minutes a day at a fast clip on some very hilly terrain.  It’s tough and it’s rewarding. 

I recently threw all caution to the wind and added a morning running regime also.  Let me give you a little test on artificial knees: 

When you start running up and down hills a couple miles a day you… 

  1. Run at 60 miles per hour because you’re bionic.
  2. Run just like everyone else because your body can adjust to anything.
  3. Run in a lot of pain but you do it anyway because you’re tough.

The answer is b.  There ain’t no difference.  Given a choice of having another surgery 5 years sooner and living forty years longer or sitting around waiting to die with good knees, I choose to live.  Wouldn’t you?  I’m looking forward to having my knees replaced again every ten years for many decades to come. 

So here is the point of this article.  While you can’t always control what life is about to deal out, you can control what you are going to do about it.  You can choose to wallow in self-pity or you can choose to move forward and make it the best life it can be.  Poker is a marvelous game because it teaches you that it isn’t the hand that you���re dealt that is important, it’s how you choose to play it.  Play the game of life to win. 

Greg Arnold is the author of “The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur’s Court.”  He built an organization of over 11,000 distributors and $30,000 per month income in less than a year.  Greg and his partner Robert Butwin have teamed up to bring you the Street Smart Live MLM Newsletter with over 160,000 subscribers.  In addition to his networking activities, Greg is serving on the board of the MLMIA and has served as a consultant with top network marketing companies and leading network marketers. He is also a world class speaker and trainer.  Greg can be contacted at

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