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Inside The Mind of the MLM Masters

Robert Butwin, Jerry Clark, Jeffery Combs, Rod Cook, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Ellie Drake, Artemis Limpert, Ken Seto, Greg Arnold and Todd Falcone have teamed up to bring you one of the most powerful Ebooks ever assembled!

What makes Inside The Mind of the MLM Masters so powerful? Simply put, this group has truly been there and done that. Not one person in this group hasn't experienced earning at least $25,000 per month from having built a MLM organization!  Each and every one of them will share with you their best insider secrets in this ebook.

Tom Schreiter
Many of MLM's best have called Tom "Big Al" Schreiter the top network marketing trainer in the world.  You can put the ideas he teaches in this ebook to use immediately to begin building your fortune.  Tom's presentations are powerful, easy to use, hard hitting and very down to earth.  He mixes home-spun-humor with "regular guy" marketing techniques to create training you will be saying "Hey, I can do that" about.  Tom will make it easy for you to climb Inside The Mind of this MLM Master!

Greg Arnold is a top rated MLM trainer, mentor, motivational speaker and MLM Consultant.  His accomplishments have earned him a seat on the Multi-Level Marketers International Association (MLMIA) Board of Directors. Articles about Greg's successes have been published in numerous magazines including Network Marketing Lifestyles, MLM Insider Magazine, Cutting Edge Opportunities and Network Marketing News.  Greg shares with you some of the very best techniques he used to sponsor 182 people in only six months while assembling a team of over 5000 and monthly income of $30,000.00 during that same period.

As the MLM Watchdog, Rod Cook and his staff of 600 field reporters handle a 1000 consulting questions or complaints a week about MLM.  Rod is considered the ultimate MLM "marketing" and consulting inside information source. 

For many years, Rod has been the Godfather of MLM. He has been featured on network television, has had his articles published in over 30 magazines, and has served as an expert witness in cases involving network marketing.

Rod also teaches advanced marketing techniques in Tom Schreiter's (renowned author of the "Big Al" series of network marketing books) Power Marketing Workshop.

Rod, who retired as seven-digit "hitter" from Network Marketing, is the most well know distributor advocate in the industry.  Here is your chance to learn from one of the greatest minds in the MLM industry.

Robert Butwin's successful career has earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues throughout the profession. He is active in a leadership role with several organizations, including the MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association), which has twice named him "Distributor of the Year." He has been a contributing writer for many professional trade journals. He is the author of the best-selling book "Street Smart Networking" and he has produced many MLM training CDs.

Robert lives the life of his dreams in the beautiful wine country of Northern California with his wife, Bonnie and children, Marc and Randi. He walks his talk and enjoys an incredible lifestyle. Robert Butwin knows exactly what it takes to make a fortune as a network marketer. More importantly, over the years, he has taught many other networkers how to make a fortune also. Most important, in this ebook, he’ll teach you!

Jeffery Combs is an Internationally recognized trainer, speaker, and author in the Network Marketing & Direct Sales Industry. Jeff specializes in Prospecting, Leadership, Teleconference Presentations, Personal Breakthroughs, Prosperity Consciousness, Scripts, Mindset Training, and all levels of effective marketing.

Jeff has personally consulted with thousands of clients in the past 7 years, and is highly sought after by start-up companies as well as established businesses seeking to expand their profitability through distributor training programs.

 He is the author of the highly inspiring book and audio series, "More Heart Than Talent," along with many other motivational and personal development products. His books and audio training programs benefit entrepreneurs and direct sales people at all levels of conscious development.

Jerry “DRhino” Clark is the creator of the now world famous Murphy's Committee and is one of the true "superstars" of the MLM industry. He is Committed to Educating, Equipping, and Empowering Network Marketing Distributors World Wide.  His Goal Is Simple... To Give You Insights, Strategies, Tools, and Philosophies that can Assist You To Eliminate Commuting, Destroy Your Alarm Clock, Fire Your Boss, and Earn a Least a SIX FIGURE income for the rest of your life.

Jerry is one of the most popular and in-demand speakers in the entire MLM industry and one of its greatest minds.

Ken Seto has been in the Network Marketing industry for over 8 years.  He has built an organization with over 44,000 members worldwide and income exceeding $700,000 annually.  While Ken has accomplished many of his life's goals he remains in massive action.  Ken is an excellent trainer, mentor and one of the most brilliant strategists in the MLM world.  He shares many of his strategies with you in this powerful ebook.

You will also read high impact contributions from:

Artemis Limpert

Artemis Limpert is an EAS Body-for-Life © Grand Champion for the year 2000 and her personal achievements led to her being selected as a current spokesperson for Anthony Robbins latest infomercial “Get the Edge”.  In her Network Marketing business she shares her highly effective coaching and teaching methods that changed her business from "No Profit" to being at the top her company within 24 months.

Todd Falcone

Ellie Drake is the President and CEO of BraveHeart Productions. She is a Keynote Speaker, Coach, Doctor, and Successful Entrepreneur. She realized her love for speaking at a very young age. Speaking comes from the core of her soul, and she inspires the audiences as she talks about the "American Dream" and her journey to America. Ellie came to America 14 years ago, and loves to talk about this great land of Liberty and Free Enterprise.

Ellie Drake

Todd Falcone has been a successful field leader for over a decade.  He is also a public speaker, trainer and personal coach to several top producing network marketers.  He lives in Seattle with his wife, Carla, and new baby boy, Gianni.


In this fact-filled ebook you will learn:

“What you think -- doesn’t count.”

That's right. Prospects don’t think like we do. If they did, they wouldn’t still be prospects. They would have already joined.

Target Your Market

Here is one way to get great leads inexpensively by using this “target your market” technique.

FREE Food Makes The MLM World Grow Round

Why? Free food is irresistible. And sometimes, it's even cheaper than renting a meeting room.

Get 2017 Super-Motivated Prospects In As Little As 331 Hours With This Easy One and Three-Quarters Step System For Less That $100

With only $100 to spend, I would invest my money and time into getting hot prospects to my site.  Here is how I got 2,017 quality prospects in 331 hours or about two weeks. 

The Art Of MLM War - Parts 1, 2 & 3

Building an empire is not for the faint of heart, however, you can never do it if you don’t understand what it takes when you set out to get it done.  As in the game of life, winning in MLM takes strategy, Ken Seto often looks to the master strategist, Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War, for inspiration and guidance.

Four Simple Tips for Networking Outside of the BOX

I’m talking about that little square we live in every day.  No…not our home, not our room, nor our office.  It’s where we reside in our minds...

Moments In The Zone

Network Marketing is ever evolving.  In the past it truly was possible to be in the right place at the right time.  A little work applied to the mix and BOOM, instant organization.  Today, Network Marketing has much more to do with being a good businessperson than positioning.

More Heart than Talent

Why Heart Beats Talent Every Time...It is Jeffery Combs belief that talent is one of the most overrated attributes when evaluating what is required to be successful.

And Much, Much More!

This ebook contains a wealth of knowledge, The kind, that if applied, will dramatically change your life for ever! 

Nothing Held Back!

Have you read ebook after ebook and still can't make things work? There is a simple reason for this... most authors will not tell the secrets of how to really create a huge MLM community.  The truth is it is extremely simple...

What is the price of this revealing ebook? These authors sell millions of copies of their books and audios to industry leaders for training purposes. But with an arm-twist from Street Smart Live, they have agreed to make this ebook available to you for one low, low price....

(This is not a mis-print)

That is right. they are giving away this ebook absolutely free! 

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