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Join us on the 2007 Tom "Big Al" Schreiter Seminar At Sea Cruise!

Reserve your balcony cabin for two!

One of the very best tools in the MLM industry.  Between networking with the best of the best and attending the onboard seminars, you just can't beat it.  The life long friends and contacts you will make on this cruise can make you a fortune.  Why are the best of the best attracted to this cruise year after year?  Because they know!  November 25th through December 2nd - "Big Al" MLM Training Cruise -This year’s 7 day cruise leaves from New Orleans, Louisiana to Costa Maya, Mexico, to Santo Tomas, Guatemala, to Belize city, Belize, to Cozumel, Mexico and back to New Orleans!  Book Early because this cruise sells out EVERY YEAR!

Besides, you deserve the break . . . and it's your chance to go cruising and acquire thousands of dollars in free network marketing consulting!

Why a luxury cruise? Because we all deserve a break from the telephone, the stress, and the cold winter weather. And, we get to enjoy ourselves by cruising with fellow network marketers.  It's nice to vacation with positive, goal-driven, fun people.

Join network marketers from dozens of different companies and from many different countries. Rub shoulders with the MLM industries top money earners.  It's a great place to meet new people, get new sponsoring ideas, and get thousands of dollars worth of free consulting at the dinner table.

Look who you could get to rub shoulders with this year!

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Art Jonak , Doug Firebaugh, Robert Butwin, Greg Arnold,  Todd Falcone, Rod Cook, Ken Seto, Richard Brooke, Ty Hoffer, Pat & Tracy Monteforte, Brian Bumpas, Nikita Gromyko, Orjan Saele, Shannon Denniston, James Blakemore, Keith Schreiter  and many others!

Sure there will be seminars and workshops, but we'll be having plenty of fun too!

Norwegian Spirit
November 25 - December 2nd, 2007

This year’s 7 day cruise leaves from New Orleans Louisiana and visits, Costa Maya Mexico, Santo Tomas Guatemala, Belize city Belize and Cozumel Mexico!

Seminar at sea times to be announced.  All training will be done during a day at sea so you will never miss any of the exciting ports of call!

But that's not the whole picture:

Imagine having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with network marketing experts. You could literally receive thousands of dollars in free consulting during your eating and leisure time! Imagine sitting next to Ken Seto or Robert Butwin for lunch or dinner.  Maybe you would enjoy taking a morning walk with Tom "Big Al" Schreiter while you ask Big Al a few questions.   How about spending an evening with Industry expert Rod "The MLM Watchdog" Cook or go riding wave runners with half million dollar annual earner Shannon Denniston (find out how he started earning hundreds of thousands of dollars over the Internet before his 25th birthday)! 

Questions that you have to ask yourself:

  • How does Greg Arnold get 3-5 new distributors per week to call him and ask if they can join on his front line? (Hint: He calls it the "Cowards Guide To Prospecting"). 

  • How does Todd Falcone sponsor so many business professionals each week? 

  • How did Shannon Denniston build an internet money machine that keeps on paying and paying and paying? 

  • How does Rod Cook continue to know everything that's happening in such a huge industry? 

  • Why does Tom Schreiter so freely give everyone on the cruise that asks all his secrets to becoming a MLM millionaire? 

  • What three secrets does Robert Butwin share on the cruise that can make you wealthy? 

Maybe these aren't questions that you should ask yourself.  Maybe you should come on this year's cruise and ask them!

Imagine being able to attend information-packed seminars absolutely free. Imagine having dinner with these experts, socializing with these experts, and well . . . you could be getting thousands of dollars of consulting in the most relaxed atmosphere imaginable. There will be a host of people on board who can share important business-building methods . . . methods your downline needs now  . . . methods your downline needs for you to bring back home.   We know, it's tough spending a week in the lap of luxury, being treated as royalty for the sake of your team, but as their leader we know you are willing to make the sacrifice!

We don't want you to miss this special week.

Day Port of Call Arrival Time Depart Time
Sun New Orleans, Louisiana 5:30pm
Mon Day at Sea
Tue Costa Maya, Mexico 8:00am 6:00pm
Wed Santos Tomas, Guatemala 8:00am 6:00pm
Thu Belize City, Belize 8:00am 6:00pm
Fri Cozumel, Mexico 8:00am 6:00pm
Sat Day at Sea
Sun New Orleans, Louisiana 8:00am

Make your deposit of $50 today to reserve a cabin for this cruise. 2nd payment of $200 due February 1st. Balance due Aug 1st*

Or you can deposit $250 pp by Feb 1st, and make 6 more monthly payments

Balance due Aug 1st (ask about monthly payment plan )

Features include: 76,500 tons, 8 restaurants including "FREE STYLE DINING", 11 bar and lounges, Spa, non-stop activities, children’s program, swimming pool, volleyball & basketball


Inside Cabin - Outside Cabin - Balcony Cabin -
$547.00 pp $657.00 pp $897.00 pp

There is limited availability for 3rd & 4th in the cabin - contact me for availability and pricing.

Rates include cruise, port and government taxes, all meals, seminars & entertainment. Air is additional.

PLEASE arrange air early. The ship departs at 5pm on the 25th and disembarking should finish about 10am on the 2nd.
BOOK NOW! A deposit of $250 per person, will hold your space - balance due Aug 1st

Once you register, Please EMAIL ME to let me know if you want early or late dining. Also if you want to sit with anyone in particular. I will try to accommodate your request. Please get back with me by June 30th.

Write to get your spot on this luxury cruise / workshops / networking fun-filled, seven-day holiday!  Book now and take advantage of the monthly pay plan.  Don't miss this extra special training know you really want to go!

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