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Coach, The A.L. Williams Story - 337 Pages
by Art Williams
Now, for the first time, the complete story of A.L. Williams, told by the Coach himself!
Art Williams shares the inspirational story of what it took to build a tiny "peanut" of a company into an industry giant. Full of heroes and villains, amazing victories and dashing defeats, this book is a must-read for anyone who's ever dreamed of building a team, of winning big, of doing what others said couldn't be done.
Coach, The A.L. Williams Story only $19.95

Mach II With Your Hair On Fire
by Richard Brooke
Inner Peace. Self-Discovery. Personal Independence. Human nature tells us to hold these core values close to our hearts ... to passionately pursue them. But how do we discover and embrace these ambiguous - and often elusive - ideals so we can truly and completely realize them, revel in them and enjoy the happiness they bring?

People around the world have been inspired by Richard Brooke's teachings of vision and self-discovery.  Now in its sixth printing, Mach II will allow you to master your own motivation and be awakened to a new thought process that will open doors of personal fulfillment. Sharing candid stories from his own life experience, Richard Brooke shows you how to set aside self-doubt and skepticism to develop an ideal vision of the life you can have.

Mach II With Your Hair On Fire only $19.95

The Courage To Succeed
by Ruben Gonzalez
How Would You Like Your People's Attitude, Productivity, and Results to go from 0 to 60MPH… or even 90MPH?
What could you learn about goal-setting, leadership, focus, self-motivation, and commitment to your goals from an Olympic athlete?
Ruben has the unique ability to inspire confidence, courage, and hope in people…to translate racing downhill, into Olympic-caliber results. He’ll have your people screaming down the hill at 90 MPH, taking a turn wrong, breaking bones, and still finding the way to get back up and do it again!

The Olympic Torch: See the humorous story of how Ruben got to carry the Olympic Torch right before the Salt Lake City Olympics: Click Here to View
Your going to love Ruben's book only $14.95
Greg Arnold MLM Books, Network Marketing Books, Multilevel Marketing Books at 25% off The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur's Court
by Greg Arnold
The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur's Court will show you how to easily become a more powerful MLM recruiter, how to become a more dynamic leader, how to earn a network marketing fortune. You will enjoy the rich, full body of the King Arthur story as woven by the Multi-level Mangler himself. Your heart will beat with passion as the strange little man's plot to take over the kingdom unfolds. Your sides will ache with laughter as Merlin pops into your bedroom as you sleep in this enchanted land. You'll become all you ever wanted to be with the help of the master as King Arthur teaches you the leadership wisdom of the ages. The principles taught in this book will propel you to the top of the network marketing profession.

"Greg Arnold's book, The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur's Court mentors MLM distributors in the principles of constructive leadership. You will greatly enjoy the Multilevel Mangler's adventure in King Arthur's court. It will make you and your downline prosperous."......Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
$12.95 Retail, You Pay $10ea

Training Tool Price: 50 for $199
The Power of Meeting New People
by Debra Fine
Would You Like To meet More New People, Start Great Conversations, an Develop Friendships Everywhere you Go? Are you reluctant introducing yourself to new people? Do you fear talking with people you don't know? Ever get lost for words? Are you afraid of saying something stupid...being rejected...or feeling like an intruder? Would you like to feel more comfortable mingling with others and be able to make friends more easily? Debra brings humor, as described in a Denver post article, as a "mixture of stand-up comic, therapist, and teacher."
You Pay $12.95
Street Smart Networking
by Robert Butwin
In Robert's book Street Smart Networking, he shows you how to avoid the pitfalls and how an average guy can build a Network Marketing Empire, the street smart way. This book shows that sometimes you learn more from failing than succeeding. Robert Butwin spent many years struggling to start a successful network marketing career before finally finding the magic formula that made it work. Now he has compiled the facts about his struggle into a book to help others, like yourself, avoid the setbacks that kept him from making his MLM a success from the beginning. Endorsed by the president of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), Butwin's book will make a difference in your life.

Retail 14.95
Learning The Business One Story At A Time
by Michael S. Clouse
If you got involved in Network Marketing because you ultimately wanted to earn more money and have more free time to enjoy your life, then Learning The Business One Story At A Time will teach you exactly what you need to know, say, and do, in order to create that reality..

You Pay $17
If How-To's Were Enough We Would All Be Skinny, Rich & Happy
by Brian Klemmer
In this honest, accurate and life-changing book you will:
1. Find the hidden missing piece to taking action most people never see.
2. Discover the secret formula for producing results when you have no idea what to do.
3. Free yourself from unnecessary stress by uncovering the secret to why what you want has nothing to do with what you create.
4. Learn the three hidden keys to create meaningful powerful relationships.
5. Discover a hidden belief system that sabotages all relationships- and you DO it!
6. Apply the key many people have used to double their income within a year.
7. Learn the four-step process to creating balance in you life.
8. Lose weight, earn more money, and be more intimate. And it's NOT willpower.
You Pay $14.95
When Good Intentions Run Smack into REALITY
by Brian Klemmer
Ten lessons to coach yourself and others to peak performance. Discover a new way to communicate so that you are absolutely heard! Then learn how to communicate so that you are not only heard, but people take action (and they want to do it). Increase intimacy, sales, and production!

You Pay $14.95
MLM Compensation Plans by Rod Cook at 25% off The BIG Illustrated Book of MLM Compensation Pay Plans
by Rod Cook
From The Recognized Source For MLM Information Worldwide - If You Haven't Read This Book by Rod Cook, You Don't Understand MLM Pay Plans! The MLM, Network Marketing and Party Plan Compensation Plan Testing Laboratory is a computer system and facility dedicated just to modeling MLM, Network Marketing and Party Plan Compenation Plans. Rod Cook, who is a computer programmer, has written over 127 different modeling programs to determine what the payout is on the four basic MLM pay plans plus "hybrids." Computer consulting at it's best!

You Pay $17.95
High Voltage Success
by Marcie Cook
In her book High Voltage Success, Marcie Cook tells an incredible story of courage, fate and recovery. She also delivers a powerful message of hope and determination to the MLM world. Marcie's book is intuitive, funny, gripping, intense, exciting, thoughtful and a marvelous guide to Network Marketing success all in one.
  • Can a person come in contact with 7960 volts and live to tell about it?
  • Is it possible to go from steno pool secretary to plant manager with one of the most powerful corporations in the world?
  • Is franchising the answer to overnight success?
  • Did MLM Watchdog, Rod Cook really sell Marcie $145 worth of skin care products on their 5th date?
You will find Marcie's message both enjoyable and inspiring. You'll benefit from her experiences in the corporate and franchise world. Finally, you'll learn how to be a stronger, more successful Network Marketer. Marcie's courageous story was featured on the Montel Williams Show! Order Marcie's book, High Voltage Success today!
You Pay Only $14.95

The Sky is Not The Limit, You Are
by Bob Davies
Thorough examination of how your mind works and how you can make it work to achieve your goals in every area of your life. Complete step-by-step guide to making your own reinforcement tape & selecting an accountability partner.

Bob was a high school teacher and coach for two years before resigning and attending graduate school at Springfield College, in Massachusetts. While at Springfield College he had the opportunity to coach Olympic athlete, Jeff Blatnick, who won the gold medal in Greco Roman wrestling in the Olympics. Bob also was an assistant football coach, while earning his masters of education degree in Psychology.
Upon graduation, he was hired as the head football, head wrestling coach, and researcher at California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena California. While at Cal Tech, he had the opportunity to research the work of Roger Sperry, who won Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1981 for his right and left brain research. This research lead to further discovery of the best techniques for elite performance used by the Bulgarians and Russians.
Bob left Cal Tech in 1979 for an assistant football coaching position at California State University Fullerton where his techniques helped an average football team to win two conference championships. In this book Bob will teach you how to be a no-limit person and how to live life your way!,/span>
You Pay $15.00

Coaching for High Performance
by Bob Davies
Creates a structure for personal & professional coaching. After reading this book, you will have the competency to coach another person for focus, clarity, accountability, increased fulfillment & productivity. If you are serious about building a large network marketing organization you MUST know how to coach effectively. You MUST learn what Bob knows and will teach you in this book.

You Pay $15.00
Clear Horizon
by Mark Walker
- Some people want a better income.
- Others want stronger relationships.
- Some people are interested in improved health.

Until you understand the thinking and action components of your “dream” life, it will remain just that … a dream. It really is not complicated at all; in fact it is so simple that great masses of people just walk right by every day without so much as a second glance. Those who find the keys find the ability to create the exact results they want from every effort, every time.

Success in life is the byproduct of just two things: Clear Thinking and Purposeful Action. Okay, let’s be real. You are not going to win the lottery. Your Great Aunt Matilda is not going to die and leave her millions to you. There is no pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. It is not going to drop from the sky. You will not strike oil in the backyard.

But … You can create the life you want. You can work in the field that you love. You can marry the right person. You can pick up and start again. You can enjoy vigorous health.

$19.95 Retail, You Pay $10
Been There Done That - You Can Too
by Dr Joe Rubino
Have You Read It Yet? Learn the Keys to Success in Building Your Network Marketing Business - From the Man Success Magazine called a "Millionaire Maker" in their December 95 Cover story.

With This Book You Will:
- Get the 6 keys that unlock the door to success in MLM
- Learn how to build your business free from doubt and fear.
- Discover how the way you listen has limited your success. And...
- Accomplish your goals in record time by shifting your "listening".
- Use the Zen of Prospecting to draw people to you like a magnet.
- Build rapport and find your prospect's hot buttons instantly.
- Pick the perfect prospecting approach for you.
- Turn any prospect's objection into the very reason they join.
- Identify your most productive prospecting sources . And...
- Win the numbers game of network marketing.
- Develop a step by step business plan that ensures your future.
- Design a "Single Daily Action" that increases your income 10 times.
- Rate yourself as a top sponsor and business partner.
- Create a passionate vision that guarantees your success.
And More!!!
You Pay $17.95

The Power To Succeed - Books I & II
by Dr Joe Rubino
The principles that renowned productivity coach, speaker and trainer, Dr. Joe Rubino discusses in these books are responsible for transforming his own life. Dr. Rubino is a retired dentist who changed careers at the age of 37 to devote his life to assisting others to be more effective in their relationships and more productive in their lives. Dr. Rubino’s commitment is to now share the same principles that transformed his own life with others so that they too might maximize their personal power and effectiveness in the world.

In Book I: Uncover the secrets to accessing your personal power, Create a structure for maximizing your effectiveness with others, Learn to take total responsibility for everything in your life, Discover the key elements to accomplishment and how to reach your goals in record time, Identify your life rules and discover how honoring your core values, can help you maximize productivity, Complete your past and design your future on purpose, Discover the keys to communicating effectively and intentionally, Stop complaining and start doing, Seize your personal power and conquer resignation in your life, Learn how to generate conversations that uncover new possibilities, See how embracing problems can lead to positive breakthroughs in life, Leave others whole while realizing the power of telling the truth, Learn how to develop the charisma necessary to attract others to you

In Book II: Discover the keys to unlock the door to success and happiness in life, Learn how your listening determines what you attract to you, And how to shift your listening to access your personal power, See how creating a clear intention can cause miracles to show up around you, Learn the secrets to making powerful requests to get what you want from others, Discover how to fully connect with and champion others to realize their greatness, Learn to create interpretations that support your excellence and avoid those that keep you small, Develop the power to speak and act out of your commitments, See how communication with others can eliminate unwanted conditions from your life, Discover the secret to being happy and eliminating daily upsets, Learn how to put an end to gossip and stop giving away your power, Develop the ability to lead your life with direction and purpose and discover what it’s costing you not to do so, And More!!

Retail for Both $39.90, You Pay $29.95 for Both!
The Magic Lantern
"A Fable About Leadership, Personal Excellence and Empowerment "
by Dr Joe Rubino
Set in the magical world of Center Earth, inhabited by dwarves, elves, goblins and wizards, The Magic Lantern is an enchanting tale of personal development that teaches us the keys to success and happiness. This captivating tale examines what it means to take on true leadership while learning to become maximally effective with everyone we meet. Rubino’s fable tells the story of a group of dwarves and their young leader who go off in search of the secrets to a life that works, a life filled with harmony and endless possibilities and void of the regrets and upsets that characterize most people’s existence. With a mission to restore peace and harmony to their village in turmoil, the delightful characters overcome the many challenges they encounter along their noble journey. Through self-discovery, they develop the distinctions necessary to be the best that they can be as they step into leadership and lives of contribution to others.

You Pay $15.95
Restore Your Magnificence
"A Life-Changing Guide to Reclaiming Your Self-Esteem"
by Dr Joe Rubino
With this book YOU will:
Uncover the source of your lack of self-esteem, Complete the past and stop the downward spiral of self-sabotage, Replace negative messages with new core beliefs that support your happiness and excellence, Realize the secret to reclaiming your personal power, See how you can be strong and authentic. Use your vulnerability as a source of power, Design a new self-image that supports your magnificence, Realize the power of forgiveness, Discover the secret to un upset-free life, Re-establish your worth and reinvent yourself to be your best, Create a vision of a life of no regrets.

You Pay $15.95
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
by Angelica Wagner
Angelica Eberle Wagner is widely known as a dynamic and inspirational author, trainer and filmmaker. As CEO of Miracleworks Inc, "Angie" challenges the corporations and individuals that she serves to search within themselves for the creation of miracles that are possible in learning to walk the path of excellence.

As an author, her voice is cutting edge in the field of business and health. She'll wake you up to your spiritual purpose, mission and vision, and put you right in the path of your well deserved financial abundance. Angelica shares her personal revelations based on her vast experience for your benefit and fulfillment. She has dedicated her life to the purpose of creating a miracle in your life.

You Pay $16.95

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