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Cracking The Cash Cow Code
Building Long Term Internet Wealth - 5 CD Set
By Greg Arnold

Most Network Marketers make the huge mistake of believing they are in the Network Marketing business, just like the mistake the Railroads of the 1880's made by thinking they were in the railroad business.  Well, the railroads lost billions by not seeing the transportation business that was right in their face.  AND, Network Marketers lose big by not acting like the entrepreneurs they really are!

Cracking The Cash Cow Code will show YOU how to create tens of thousands of dollars in automatic income by fully utilizing the Internet for what it really is - YOUR PERSONAL UNLIMITED BANK ACCOUNT!  Greg Arnold will show YOU how to easily and quickly build web pages that bring YOU wealth!  He'll reveal his Google mastery secrets so YOU can dominate the search engines anywhere YOU like.  Greg will make YOU an internet master via step by step instructions contained in this package. 

Cracking The Cash Cow Code will be YOUR ticket to Long Term Internet Wealth, even if YOU can barely send and receive email today.  It's so simple and easy to make money on the Internet, any entrepreneur can do it....the question is, will you?

You Pay $299.95

Wired And In The Zone - 9 CD Set
By Robert Butwin with Greg Arnold and Trevor Crook

Now in this newly Released 9-CD Set Robert Butwin exposes all his secrets....with NOTHING left uncovered! 

  • Attracting Leaders
  • Getting Into Action
  • Retaining Customers
  • Sorting Not Selling
  • Empowering People
  • Leveraging Assets
  • Getting Started
  • Advertising
  • Power Words
  • Leadership
  • Power Sponsoring
  • Leading your organization
  • How to build it big
  • EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know from one of MLM's true masters!

You name it, Butwin & Company do it in this UNCENSORED Monster MLM CD Set, Wired And In The Zone!

You Pay $299.95

Judgment Day Copy Clinic - Giant 6 CD + 5 DVD Set
By Trevor Crook, The Crocodile Dundee of Copywriting

So, how do you make your sales message pull like crazy?  Unfortunately most business owners, internet marketers and entrepreneurs, flounder like a fish out of water and have no idea how to get the most out of every marketing dollar they spend.  To stay alive and be competitive, you can’t just offer a quality product or service at a fair price . . . YOU have to know how to create compelling sales copy and then market effectively to your hungry crowd! 

  • How would you like to stop being an ‘advertising Victim’? 

  • Finally get accurate measurable, quick results from each and every dollar you put into ANY kind of advertising, marketing, or promotion . . . without sending you broke?  

  • At will, attract a flood of new customers?

  • At will, spark a huge cash flow surge?

  • Define and DOMINATE any ‘target market’ of your choice? 

  • Incredibly what I’m about to reveal to you . . . can ‘re-invent’ your entire online and offline marketing process for the better!

Now YOU, can cut all the fat, waste, even the uncertainty out of your advertising.  With Trevor Crook's Judgment Day Copy Clinic YOU will Win Big!

You Pay $999.95

Street Smart Networking - 4 CD Set
By Robert Butwin
In Robert's book Street Smart Networking, he shows you how to avoid the pitfalls and how an average guy can build a Network Marketing Empire, the street smart way. This book shows that sometimes you learn more from failing than succeeding. Robert Butwin spent many years struggling to start a successful network marketing career before finally finding the magic formula that made it work. Now he has compiled the facts about his struggle into a book to help others, like yourself, avoid the setbacks that kept him from making his MLM a success from the beginning. Endorsed by the president of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), Butwin's book will make a difference in your life.
You Pay $39.95

The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur's Court - 2 CD Set
by Greg Arnold
The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur's Court will show you how to easily become a more powerful MLM recruiter, how to become a more dynamic leader, how to earn a network marketing fortune. You will enjoy the rich, full body of the King Arthur story as woven by the Multi-level Mangler himself. Your heart will beat with passion as the strange little man's plot to take over the kingdom unfolds. Your sides will ache with laughter as Merlin pops into your bedroom as you sleep in this enchanted land. You'll become all you ever wanted to be with the help of the master as King Arthur teaches you the leadership wisdom of the ages. The principles taught in this book will propel you to the top of the network marketing profession.

"Greg Arnold's CD book, The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur's Court mentors MLM distributors in the principles of constructive leadership. You will greatly enjoy the Multilevel Mangler's adventure in King Arthur's court. It will make you and your downline prosperous."......Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
You Pay $

The Magic of Influence - 10 CD Set
by Jerry "DRhino" Clark
Things can change for you in an instant -- when you discover the basics of “influence”.
 If you’ve been working hard… spreading the word… making those phone calls… attending training sessions… and you’re still not getting the results you want to grow your organization quickly – please, listen up!  Success is NOT about working hard. If you’ve held this belief in the past, realize that it’s nothing more than past “conditioning”.
You Pay $119
High Achievement Network Marketing (12 CDs) The High Achievement Network Marketing - 12 CD Set
By Jerry "DRhino" Clark
Recorded "Live" at Jerry Clark’s Two-day training program in which he gives the fundamentals necessary to build your MLM dynasty.
  People have paid thousands of dollars and have come from such countries as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Africa, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, New Zeland, Australia, Korea, and all across the U.S.A. to learn these strategies. Now you can hear “DRhino” himself “Live and in Action” as he shares them with you!
You Pay $119
The Courage To Succeed - 4 CD Set
by Three Time Olympian, Ruben Gonzalez
How Would You Like Your People's Attitude, Productivity, and Results to go from 0 to 60MPH… or even 90MPH?

    What could you learn about goal-setting, leadership, focus, self-motivation, and commitment to your goals from an Olympic athlete?
    Ruben has the unique ability to inspire confidence, courage, and hope in people…to translate racing downhill, into Olympic-caliber results. He’ll have your people screaming down the hill at 90 MPH, taking a turn wrong,  breaking bones, and still finding the way to get back up and do it again! 
The video story of what it feels to hurl yourself down the icy luge run, and the hilarious "Vinny" story - 7min: Click Here to View
By far, one of the very best stories you will ever hear and the best training you will ever experience!

You Pay $109.95
Your Brave Heart
by Ellie Drake
Ellie will share with you information that will help you on your "WHY" of building your business, and you will also learn many valuable tips and techniques which will help you with your "HOW"

Ellie will make you laugh, cry, and get motivated when she shares the importance of living a passionate, fulfilling, and balanced life. She is a high-energy performer who always provides high-content and carefully customized presentations designed to meet each client’s specific needs.

Ellie doesn’t just speak, she lives what she speaks about. Because of her previous involvement in the industry of direct sales and as a result of being a top income earner, she’s able to share through experience what works, what doesn’t, and why.
You Pay $119

Educating Your Expectations (8 CDs plus Action Guide) Educating Your Expectations - 8 CD Set plus Action Guide
By Artemis Limpert and includes special segments with Jerry Clark...
Artemis Limpert is an EAS Body-for-Life © Grand Champion for the year 2000 and her personal achievements led to her being selected as a spokesperson for Anthony Robbins latest infomercial “Get the Edge”. In her network marketing business, she reached the highest level in her company in less than four years.  Inspiration made tangible!  This Program is Packed with Power Principles that are Designed to Transform your Paradigms of what it takes to Succeed in Network Marketing beyond your Wildest Imagination... 
Get out of the “Gravitational Pull”

The same gravitational pull that seems to hold so many people back from fulfilling their life-long dreams…  Create the mental, emotional, and physical environment in which your “Purposeful Practice” can produce compounding results for you and your loved ones…  Position yourself so that “failure” is not an option…  Become Committed and Coachable at a level that will create the outcome you desire – grasp the distinctions that make the difference…  Embrace goals that are larger than you, and forge partnerships - leveraged income requires leveraged thinking…  Re-invent yourself while Duplicating yourself…  This is just a sample of what you will learn in…
Educating Your Expectations
“Most of what you’ve been taught is how to work, learn and prepare… Now, in the realm of Free Enterprise, you will learn to Stop Thinking and Take Action, Let Go and Learn to Receive… It can be a mind-boggling switch… and for most of us it didn’t happen overnight!” -- Artemis
You Pay $197
While They Last! - THE WEEKEND SEMINAR - Skills for the 21st Century
by Jim Rohn
Topics covered on this exciting 12 cassette package: Ideas/Inspiration/Enlightened Self Interest, Mysteries of the Mind - Learn Refine and Pass It On - Response Into Results - Thanksgiving - Keys to Greatness - Service to Many - Searching - Life Rewards Its Benefactors, Personal Development/The Seasons, Value to the Marketplace - Attracting Success - Ant Philosophy - Four Steps to Success - Problem Solving, Setting Goals, Designing Your Life - Goals Workshop - Price Versus Promise - Why Become a Millionaire and much, much more!
Retail $245,
You Pay $139
Prospecting With Purpose - 8 CD Set
by Jeffery Combs
Prospecting With Purpose Features ALL NEW Information from Jeffery Combs, as well as His Hand-Picked Guest Speakers, Laura Kaufman, Todd Falcone, Artemis Limpert, Aaron Rashkin, and Jerry Clark. Each of the Contributors to This Course Shares Their Expert Knowledge and Experience for Building Massive Success with Immediate Results!
You Pay $109
More Heart Than Talent - 8 CD Set
by Jeffery Combs
“Heart Beats Talent Every Time!”
It is my firm conviction that talent is one of the most over-rated attributes in determining what is required to be successful. Heart is what separates the average from the exceptional and I have learned in life that heart beats talent every time. Show me a man or woman with heart and I'll show you a way to overcome someone else's talent.
You Pay $109
The Psychology of Prospecting by Jeff Combs (8 CDs) The Psychology of Prospecting - 8 CD Set
by Jeffery Combs
In this 8 volume set you will learn how to: Attract prospects who become prosperity partners!  Effectively turn your prospecting time into money!  Interview prospects using a posture that allows you to stay in your peace!  Master the art of listening and hear what your prospects mean, not say!  Use three-way calling techniques that produce results!  Identify common questions and objections that prospects use!  Get your point across in 30-seconds or less!  And much, much, more...This program features Jeff Combs at his Best!
You Pay $109

Stop Setting Goals - Start Choosing Results - 6 CD Set + Book
by Dr Zonnya

Have you ever set a goal and not accomplished it? How did you feel? Almost everyone in the last century has been exposed to goal-setting. Almost everyone has set a goal and not accomplished it. If goal-setting is an accurate established procedure that works for everyone every time it is worked, then why doesn’t it work every time for everyone? Dr. Zonnya explores and breaks new territory in the field of motivation and personal and professional improvement. She defines the terms of setting, goal, choosing, results and gives a clear distinction of their meaning, both literal and implied. In STOP SETTING GOALS – START CHOOSING RESULTS, you will learn why goal setting is flawed. You will learn that those who have taught goal-setting only taught what they knew, but what they knew and what they taught is a flawed system that does not work every time for everyone. You will experience the freedom to pursue your clearly defined and clarified results. Once you have this step in place, Dr. Zonnya will lead you through a SYSTEM that does work every time you work it and for everyone who works it. STOP SETTING GOALS is a refreshing permission to remove the guilt, embarrassment, rejection, and all of the other negative feelings that accompany the failure to accomplish that proverbial goal. Get ready for one liberating experience through the simple, but not easy approach to making things happen. While Dr. Zonnya gives you permission to STOP SETTING GOALS, she does not give you permission to do nothing. She trains you with a new system of CHOOSING RESULTS. Today is the time for you to begin experiencing more, better, greater in your life. Welcome to a new beginning for your future.
You Pay $199.95 
Mastering The Fundamentals
by Michael S. Clouse

You'll learn how to establish a solid foundation for your business, realize why you need to develop a workable blueprint, master the art of having people instantly like and trust you, and understand the all-important success strategy—the use of a system.  You'll learn seven profound prospecting plans, discover how to leverage reciprocity, create your own referral center, and be taught how to make follow-up calls that produce the results you want.
You Pay $37
28 Days To Your Future
by Michael S. Clouse
In your first seven days you'll learn the art of building your business; the seven truths of this industry; why success takes time; and the power of your commitment.  In your second week you'll learn how to learn, and begin to create your future; master five simple steps that will allow your business to seem easy to doand even easier to teach to someone new; and create your master plan.
You Pay $37
Thinking Your Way To Success
by Michael S. Clouse
This is the most powerful information on the mind I have ever assembled... It explains why only a few seem to succeed, and why far too many simply failand how you can use your mind to become one of the top performers in your company, create that perfect business, and truly live an extraordinary life! Get these CDs into the hands of every distributor you have on you teamand experience the power of Knowledge Applied!
You Pay $37
The Secrets To Developing Leaders
by Michael S. Clouse
You'll learn the secret behind the foundation of leadership, why leaders use structure and accountability, how to teach so others will learn, and the reason Your 90-Day Game Plan works.  You'll learn exactly where to find leadership-potential prospects, discover the art of playing detective, be taught the power approach, and have revealed to you the illusive seven steps to mastering this leadership game.
You Pay $37
Your Prospecting Toolbox
by Michael S. Clouse
The CD technology of Natural Networking Power will help remove any fear you might have of meeting people. And the Prospecting 101 CD will teach you how to apply all the people-meeting skills you'll need to effortlessly meet, greet, and create at least two new prospects everyday...right in your own backyard!
You Pay $27
The Simple Art Of Duplication
by Michael S. Clouse
What you need to know, say, and do, in order to build an MLM business that actually duplicates!  When you listen to this interview you'll learn: The secret behind reaching the top of the mountain • What systems really work
how they work, and why • How to tell if you're building a successful business • Why "what works" and "what duplicates" are different • How to use the story behind McDonald's and Starbucks • The one question you must ask everyone on your team • How 100 fat people can help you grow your empire • Why coaching + accountability + recognition are key • Why the syntax of duplication is so important • How the game of baseball can make you rich  • Why scheduling time is critical to your team's success • The three reasons people join your business.
You Pay $17
10 Weeks to Network Marketing Success
by  Dr. Joe Rubino
10 Weeks to Network Marketing Success The Secrets to Launching Your Very Own Million-Dollar Organization in a 10-Week Business-Building and Personal-Development Self-Study Course Dr. Dr. Dr. Joe Rubino.   Learn the business-building and personal-development secrets that will put you squarely on the path to network marketing success. 10 Weeks to Network Marketing Success is a powerful course that will grow your business with velocity and change your life!
You Pay $
Secret # 1 - Self Motivation
by  Dr. Joe Rubino
Utilize The Latest in Whole Brain Inner Talk™ Technology to take a trip to a deeper dimension of power within yourself and tap into The Most Important Secret To Success In Network Marketing …SELF MOTIVATION
You Pay $
Tom Schreiter MLM Books and MLM Tapes, Network Marketing Books, Multilevel Marketing Books at 25% off

Big Al's MLM Sponsoring Secrets
by Tom Schreiter - 12-audiocassette training album
This is Big Al’s audiocassette tape library with the very best recruiting techniques for you and your downline. The information is awesome and easy to use. Eight brand new audiocassettes with Big Al’s best recruiting secrets. Plus, you get four additional audiocassettes with his basic training workshop, Big Al Live in London — (a $19.95 value) FREE!
You Pay $97

Tom Schreiter MLM Books and MLM Tapes, Network Marketing Books, Multilevel Marketing Books at 25% off

Big Al's SuperSponsoring Workshop Home Study Version
by Tom Schreiter - 8 audiotapes plus -  160-page manual on CD
The last five SuperSponsoring Workshops were professionally recorded on audiotape. This brand new Big Al audiocassette album has the best material from his SuperSponsoring Workshops, plus the album includes a 160-page manual on CD. The one-hour section on "How to develop your first sentence" is priceless. You’ll learn why the first sentence causes your prospect to lean forward with a high level of interest and desire — or why your first sentence sets you up for failure.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a great first sentence that was so powerful that it didn’t matter how well you presented the rest of the presentation? Think of how a great first sentence would help your downline overcome the fear of approaching people.
You Pay $97

Tom Schreiter MLM Books and MLM Tapes, Network Marketing Books, Multilevel Marketing Books at 25% off

Big Al’s How To Quickly Build Your Network Marketing Organization London Conference 2001

by Tom Schreiter

* Would you like to know how to get an appointment for a presentation with almost 100% of the people you talk to?
* Would you like to be able to give a complete presentation for your opportunity in just 60 seconds? (tapes #7, #8, #9 are awesome!)
* Would you like to know the three "real" reasons prospects join your business?
* Would you like to know why some prospects are eager to join while some prospects show resistance?
* Would you like to be able to change negative prospects into positive prospects? (this first principle will change everything in how you approach prospects)
* Would you like to learn a single sentence that disarms almost all of your prospects' objections?
* Would you like to give your new distributors a great first sentence that will make their business rejection-free?

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter shares the answers to these challenges and more in his all-day "live" London Conference 2001.
You Pay $97

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