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About Robert Butwin and Greg Arnold

About Robert Butwin:

Robert Butwin grew up in a family of successful business people and self-made millionaires. Early in his business life, he made the crucial decision to leave behind all the "Country Club Smart" ways of his business upbringing and pursue something different, something more challenging, something exciting. As he puts it “I woke up one morning and realized our family business had too much family and not enough business. It was simply time to make a change.”

Robert ran a nightclub for a while. Using his promotional flare, he dramatically changed its financial fortunes. He did his job so well the owner was able to sell the club, and his job out from under him, for a considerable profit. He learned the principle of taking charge of your own life the hard way. Robert entered the network marketing field on a part-time basis about 20 years ago. No, he wasn’t an overnight success. Like all of us, he had to pay his dues, learn the ropes, and become a Street Smart Networker before he could win big…And, did he ever. As a simple matter of fact, Robert Butwin can teach anyone how to make a lot of money, even in an industry were most make very little.

Robert's successful career has earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues throughout the profession. He is active in a leadership role with several organizations, including the MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association), which has twice named him "Distributor of the Year." He has been a contributing writer for many professional trade journals. He is the author of the best-selling book "Street Smart Networking" and he has produced many MLM training CDs.

Robert lives the life of his dreams in the beautiful wine country of Northern California with his wife, Bonnie and children, Marc and Randi. He walks his talk and enjoys an incredible lifestyle. Robert Butwin knows exactly what it takes to make a fortune as a network marketer. More importantly, over the years, he has taught many other networkers how to make a fortune also. Most important, when you attend a Street Smart Live event, he’ll teach you!

About Greg Arnold:

Greg Arnold has been a leader in the network marketing industry for 30 years. Greg's MLM career began while he was still a young man. When he was stationed in Savannah, Ga., he was earning more from his network marketing efforts than his military career. This is something he laughs about and says, “It wasn’t all that difficult”. His MLM earnings were so high that the military launched an investigation. They dropped it when they discovered he was earning his money legitimately through multilevel marketing. The NCO in charge of the investigation later approached him to sign-up.

In less than a year, Greg built a MLM organization of over 11,000 members. Wanting to share his network marketing expertise, Greg wrote and published "The Multi-Level Mangler in King Arthur's Court". The popularity of this book has been nothing less than phenomenal. It was ranked in the top 1% of's best sellers for over three years. The CD version of this book will be made available for the first time anywhere at this event with special event only pricing. Network Marketing Industry leaders often use Greg's book to train their distributor teams. Because of his vast knowledge of the MLM industry, Greg has served as a MLM consultant for a number of network marketing companies as well.

Eventually, Greg started his own network marketing company, that within Greg's five years at the helm grew to become one of MLM Insider Magazine's "Top 10" companies. Greg is known throughout the MLM industry as a top rated MLM trainer, mentor and motivational speaker. In addition, articles have been published about his successes in Network Marketing Lifestyles, MLM Insider Magazine, Cutting Edge Opportunities and Network Marketing News.

Now living in his small hometown in southern Washington State, Greg remains very active in the industry as an author, speaker, success trainer, corporate consultant, as well as a top-level distributor. A strategy enthusiast, Greg is also a volunteer football coach at his local high school.  You will enjoy Greg’s industry based humor, which includes many years of observations and experiences. You’ll pick up at least one, if not many, life changing MLM strategies at a Street Smart Live event. Greg will also inspire you in a way you have never quite experienced in the past.


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